A busy summer weekend

This is my first post, which I guess should be something really spectacular. Sorry, that ain’t gonna happen.

It’s a Sunday afternoon and we just finished up our second “house party” weekend in a row, and our fourth weekend of hosting a party at our house. I am a little “companied out.” I’m sitting here by the pool with the two dogs hanging out and keeping me company. Mrs. Poolman is inclined to enjoy the AC inside at the moment.

This weekend was Mrs. Poolman’s younger sister, her grown son with his girlfriend, his 8 year old daughter and girlfriend’s 5 year old son. Also, sister-in-law’s daughter, her fiance and their young, rambunctious boxer.  They drove up from Jacksonville on Friday evening and left around 1 pm today.

Actually, the weekend went just fine. It was just busy. The younger generation (or middle generation, if you count the two kids) really like to stay up late, sitting around the pool, drinking and “visiting.” I needed my “beauty sleep,” especially on Friday night. I knew I needed to get up, head into work and be functional. Their partying didn’t bother me at all. I can sleep through a tornado.

We had a call at work on Friday.  One of our state legislators from suburban Atlanta was going to be in town on Saturday and wanted to come visit the lab.  (We are a state agency.) We made arrangements to meet her at 10 am on Saturday. We never miss an opportunity like this. We are relatively small, so one of our biggest issues is just getting noticed.  As it turns out, the legislator, Jill, was quite enthusiastic and very interested in everything we showed her. We didn’t break off until 130 pm.

The weekend “house party” went well. Five adults, two children and an energetic dog isn’t enough to ruffle things too much around here. We are really pretty laid back. We do this a fair amount. Mrs. Poolman is an absolute pro. Lots of food. Lots of drink. And lots of “visiting.” It works all the time.  The cats (2, Sid and Berta) weren’t all the excited about a large, energetic and curious boxer bouncing around, but they pretty much stayed in our room until everyone was down and locked in for the night.  Thew kids were great. Of course, we have known our great-niece since she was born, although we haven’t seen that much of her since her mother moved her to Texas about a year ago. It was our first exposure to nephew’s girl-friend’s son, Michael. However, he is a nice kid and was on very good behavior.  We’re pretty kid-friendly anyway. No matter the age, unless a young one is a total jerk, they are welcome here.

I think Mrs. Poolman and I are tired of cooking. We’re off for some cheap Mexican food. I believe I am addicted to cilantro. Gotta have a fix at least once a week, if not more often.

Adios, amigos!

One response to “A busy summer weekend

  1. Nice first post! It gave me a feel for who you are and what life is like in your world. (Sounds like a FUN life!)

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