Old friends revisited plus 30

We had an interesting lunch today. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from an old friend with whom I worked in the late 1970s. Back then, we were both young, married and struggling news reporters at the CBS station in Mobile, Ala.  As couples, Mrs. Poolman and I did a fair amount of socializing with Bruce and Judy — movies, dinners, football games, etc. (In those days none of us had any money, so a trip to the beach followed up by barbecuing some hamburgers and drinking some beer was a pretty exciting Saturday.) Over the years we stayed in touch at the “exchange Christmas cards” level. In any case, Bruce sent me an email saying that they would be driving through Savannah today on their way from one family group to another and would like to stop and have lunch at Paula Deen’s Lady and Son’s restaurant. Never one to pass up the opportunity to eat lunch, let alone catch up with some old friends, I jumped at it.

I guess it’s like New Yorkers who have never visited the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. Although Paula Deen is “world famous” and, actually a neighbor who we occasionally see in the grocery store, we haven’t been to her restaurant in probably 10 years. Then it was much smaller and in a different location, and Paula wasn’t a Food Network diva. .

I am happy to report that our lunch was fantastic on all levels. The company was great, even for people who hadn’t sat down together in more than 30 years. Back then neither of us had children. Today each of us has grown pair – within two years in age. The food was good and the conversation flowed naturally. We had a great time.

(l-r) Judy, Bruce and Mrs. Poolman at Lady & Sons

(l-r) Judy, Bruce and Mrs. Poolman at Lady & Sons

Since we live between two units of Judy’s family, that they visit at least annually, I think we’ll be seeing more of them in the future. I hope so.

3 responses to “Old friends revisited plus 30

  1. It was like your own little reunion. Sometimes you just need an excuse to get together…like you needed an excuse to visit the local gem.

  2. Sounds fun! A surprise visit from old friends. What could be better?

  3. Sounds like I missed out by skipping Savannah on my last two Hilton Head trips. I’ve never seen her food show, but I have one of her dessert cook books and everything from it has been divine.

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