A lazy summer weekend

It’s been kind of a slow weekend around the Poolman’s house. That’s not entirely a bad thing. We “went a little crazy” with a schedule of activities in June and early July. A slow, lazy weekend to recharge is a good thing. It hasn’t rained enough the past week to mow the lawn, so it will last another few days until a cooler evening.

On Saturday, we got up and did the usual cleaning of house, backyard and pool. Then we had an informal “open pool.” This is like an open house, except it’s an open pool. We frequently have full-blown parties, but an “open pool” is not that. Often during the summer we’ll just tell our friends that we are going to be hanging around the pool on a Saturday (or Sunday) afternoon and if they want to come over and just hang out with us, they are welcome. Open Pool We frequently, as we did yesterday, throw some hamburgers or brats on the grill around dinnertime. Everyone usually brings a side dish and whatever they want to drink and we just have a low-key summer pool-day. Very nice. We had about nine or ten friends, including Writer Princess (daughter) and son in law (SIL.) We started around 230 pm and didn’t break until nearly 11 pm. I guess they all enjoyed themselves.

On Friday, Mrs. Poolman had talked with Poolboy who suggested we all meet at the beach on Sunday. We talked it up with some of the pool-friends yesterday and it looked like we had a beach party in the making. We live around 15 minutes from the beach, so this is an easy trip.

Loungin' at the beach

Loungin' at the beach

It was hot (low 90’s) and windy, but the ocean was just right. It was fairly crowded for Tybee. Beach shotSeveral of our friends were there, but Poolboy and his GF never did show up. Later, around 230 pm, he called to say he was a couple of blocks down the beach and would come by to say hi. Never did see him. Whatever.

I just finished balancing the checkbook and paying some bills. Mrs. Poolman is handling dinner tonight. Tomorrow, it’s back to the salt mine (just kidding.)

2 responses to “A lazy summer weekend

  1. A pool in the back yard and a beach just minutes away… Doesn’t get much more perfect than that! I’m sure your family and friends consider themselves lucky to have an open invitation to come hang out in the pool!

    • We really admire, but do not envy those of you who live in the “frozen north.” We are awfully spoiled and know it.

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