Beauty where you find it

I went over to our dock facility on the far side of our campus this afternoon. I was a little early to take some pictures, so I stopped by a series of freshwater ponds that serve as a wild bird sanctuary. I have driven by these ponds dozens of times, but never stopped to take any pictures.  Well, I had my camera with me and I had a few minutes to kill. These pictures aren’t that great, but they do demonstrate just how pretty the area is.Pond 1

A Great Blue Heron and a Snowy Egret

A Great Blue Heron and a Snowy Egret

After I took a few pictures, I finally noticed a “giant” banana spider that had been on his web about three feet in front of me the entire time.

Bannana Spider

Banana Spider

I walked across the road to see what the pond there looked like and saw a flock of maybe a dozen woodstorks on the far edge of the pond, about 70 yards away. Unfortunately, I made too much of a ruckus walking through the woods and high grass trying to get a clear shot of them, that they were startled and took off. Bahsteds! Better luck next time.


5 responses to “Beauty where you find it

  1. We see herons and egrets around here too. There’s an egret that is always hanging out on the street where I run. (His pond is just off the street.) If I go early enough, I’m sure to see him marching around on the street.

    Now the spider is not something to which I want to get very close!

  2. I’ll bet those babies fly down her when the sleet starts falling. Hope you are enjoying summer.

  3. That spider would look good in Terri’s bathtub!!!!

  4. Banana spider beautiful? I think not. Dead spider = beautiful.

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