A good weekend

We have had an uneventful weekend, and we really needed it. We have been on the road for four weekends in a row. Having a weekend at home has been great.

I was fighting a slight head cold for the last part of last week, so Friday night I took a slug of Nyquil and went to bed at 1030. I slept straight through to 10 am when my alarm finally woke me. If I hadn’t had an 11 am haircut appointment, who knows how long I might have slept. That was great!

The Gators aren’t playing this weekend, so we went over to some friends’ house to watch the Georgia-LSU game. It was tough to decide which team to pull for, since I really wanted both teams to lose. I ended up pulling for LSU, mostly to annoy my Georgia friends.

(AP Photo/John Bazemore)

(AP Photo/John Bazemore)

We play LSU next week. I’d rather we play LSU with them coming off of a narrow, hard fought win, than a heart-breaking defeat. Neither team showed me much to be concerned about. I should be careful though; famous last words.

I made it to 11:15 mass today. It’s the first time I’ve been able to make it since mid-August. I spent the rest of the day doing four loads of laundry (including sheets and towels), walking the dogs and washing both cars. One of the trees over our driveway has been leaking sap on the cars. I told Mrs. Poolman I’d wash her car, and she said, “Why bother? The tree is just going to dump more sap over night.” I came up with a solution. I pushed the stuff in the garage aside to make room for her car. What a radical thought!  A car actually in the garage? Who da thought?

nfl_steelersThe Steelers (or “Stillers” in the patois of my hometown) are on NBC tonight. I think that chillin’ with some NFL football would be a great way to finish off a quiet, but pretty darn good weekend.

Back to work tomorrow. We have our big annual open house event next Saturday. That is my responsibility to coordinate all our various campus agencies as well as the activities of my own institution. Should be a busy week. Later.

3 responses to “A good weekend

  1. I’m watchin’ the Stillers and they’re whoopin’ my adopted local team’s collective as*es!

    At least I know YOU’RE enjoying the game 🙂

    • Yeah. It’s not looking too bad in the ‘burgh. That’s fortunate, because if they played poorly in those stupid looking throw-back uniforms, it would be a double hit.

      • ordinarybutinteresting

        I have no sympathy for you. Not only are you whippin’ the Chargers’ butts, but at least while your team is sporting throw-back uniforms the zebras are still zebras!

        When the Pat’s were in their throw-back uni’s the refs were as well and they looked like creamsicles (orange and white stripes)!


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