Say “no” to a “holly, jolly Christmas”

Dear Local Radio Station:

I think it is very festive that you are playing nothing by Christmas music every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, please take a look at your play list, and delete every selection from Burl Ives. You will go a long way to preventing road rage.

Have a “holly, jolly Christmas!”

Your faithful listener,

The Poolman

3 responses to “Say “no” to a “holly, jolly Christmas”

  1. Oh, now, hey there! Some of us have fond memories connected with that song and the annual Christmas television special, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” You can’t ban this song from the playlists!

    Now let’s talk about Wham’s “Last Christmas.” There’s a candidate for banning!

    • “Fond memories?” I don’t mind the special, but I want to drive my car into a tree when I hear Burl come on the radio.

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