The Urban flip-flop — degree of difficulty 5.0

The big news with Gator fans this weekend has been Urban Meyer’s flip flop. On Saturday, he announced he was retiring due to health reasons. On Sunday, he flopped back and changed it to an indefinite leave of absence.

My first thoughts are:  I hope his health issues turn out to be OK, and he returns for a long and successful career.  While  I’d hate to lose him as the UF coach,  a fatal heart attack or stroke isn’t worth it, not even for $4 M per year.

Many of the sports columnists are second guessing him, as they always do. That’s probably part of the stress he needs to escape. I really don’t see a major change in the now-famous flip-flop.

At first he said (paraphrased), “Hey, I need to get away from this for awhile to get my health and life back together.”

The University offered him another option, “Urban, we understand. You do what you need to do, but how about we leave the door open for you to come back if and when you are ready?”

Urban thought about it and went back to the University and said, “That’s a good idea. Let’s do it.”

That was extremely generous of AD Jeremy Foley, but I think it also shows the incredible level of respect and esteem in which the University holds Urban. The guy is one of THE, if not THE most successful college football coach of the last ten years. But when you look at how it developed, it’s not really that much of a change of mind.

Florida has an outstanding football program and they will be just fine. Next year is probably a reloading year no matter who is the head coach. If Urban can come back for the summer practice, that would be great. If he needs a few more months, that’s OK too. Obviously, such an open ended arrangement can’t last forever, and I don’t think either Foley or Meyer would let it.

All is good. When you are on top of the heap, you live in a glass house, and there are lots of people standing outside throwing stones. That’s life. It’s still better than being at the bottom of the pile and no one caring at all.

Go Gators!

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