Not all are tragic

I just finished writing a sympathy note for the mother of a friend. It is sad when anyone dies, and their family feels the hole left in their lives. However, some deaths are more tragic than others.

Mathilde was 91 years old and lived her life to the fullest right to the end. I saw her in the grocery store a few weeks ago (She still drove.) and she told me that she was doing water aerobics a couple times a week and was playing in several bridge groups. She lived with her daughter, who is about our age. We would see both of them at neighborhood parties. Mathilde was a real “corker,” one of the few 91 year-olds who could hold her own in any social gathering – laughing and joking up a storm. She exemplified the song lyrics, “…I’d rather die while I’m living than live while I’m dead.”

I’m sorry for her daughter and her loss. Mathilde has left a bit hole in her life.  However, if I make it to 91 and am still going as strong as Mathilde when I check out, you won’t hear me complain. Rock on, baby!


One response to “Not all are tragic

  1. Sounds like she really had life figured out. Not many do.

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