Home improvement continues

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our month-long project to remodel our master bedroom and lay new floors in the sleeping portion of our house is nearing completion.

I spent just about all day Saturday completing the quarter-round in the three non-master bedrooms. I am so appreciative of my friend Birdie who loaned me his power-mitre-table saw. I can’t imagine doing all that cutting and trying to get it to match using one of those little yellow plastic mitre boxes. The good, and somewhat surprising, news is that at no time did I come close to sawing off one of my fingers. That’s always a concern when I’m around power saws.

I came up about an hour short Saturday afternoon, but I had to break to get ready for dinner. Writer Princess’s birthday is this week and we had her birthday dinner Saturday evening. WP has always had “birthday envy” of her brother who has a June birthday. She has always wanted a summer birthday because it would have opened up more celebration opportunities (ie: pool parties, picnics, cook outs, etc.) That envy was reflected in her choice of menu.

  • Barbecued ribs
  • Coleslaw
  • Potato salad
  • Baked beans
  • Fried zucchini (appetizer)
  • Blackberry cobbler

She must think it’s the Fourth of July.

We had a great evening. It was just family, which included, of course, Son-in-law and Poolboy’s serious GF.

On Sunday, I spent about an hour finishing off the last of the quarter-round and then Mrs. P and I took off shopping for a bed spread and some sort of window treatment for our bedroom. We lucked out on both. We found a comforter at a big box store that isn’t perfect, but is pretty good and very inexpensive. It will cover the bed at a low enough cost until we find the “perfect” fit.

Mrs. P and I kept going back and forth on window treatments. We ended up wit faux-wood “slat” venetian blinds. We installed them when we got home. The room looks completely different and great. I’ll post a picture when we get the pictures back on the wall.


One response to “Home improvement continues

  1. The birthday menu sounds delicious! I can’t blame WP for choosing it. Besides, a nice summer menu brings a little cheer to the dull winter days.

    We’re just starting to head down the home improvement path here. Kitchen cupboards are being replaced, new appliances, and eventually, a new wood floor. I’m not looking forward to the in-between stages of improvement. Just the final results.

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