Let’s go ‘live!’

I am reading a book I discovered in our clean-out project a few weeks ago, CNN-The Inside Story.

I spent more than a quarter century in the TV news business. I never worked for CNN, but I know many people who did. The story of the network’s beginnings is fascinating. It’s neat to run across mentions of people I know (or knew at one time.)

Several passages I’ve read also give me “flash backs” to the fun and perils of live television. Overall, I don’t miss the business. TV news is not the same industry it was in the 70s, 80s and even 90s. It’s gotten entirely too squirrelly for my taste. However, being a part of live coverage of a breaking news story is a rush. Being on the air or calling the shots when all h___ is breaking loose and you are flying live without a script or a clue what might happen next, is exciting, and very satisfying when you pull it off.  Reading about some of the CNN adventures does bring back some related memories … many of them good.

3 responses to “Let’s go ‘live!’

  1. In his Warren Ellis’ blog entry for today (http://www.warrenellis.com/?p=8600) he said, “I almost wish I were in the network TV business. When a medium chokes and stutters, all kinds of interesting opportunities emerge from the interstices.” I thought it was relevant.

  2. Half of what makes a good book so good is that it hits home for the reader. Enjoy!

  3. That sound exciting–I envy you!

    As for American TV news now, “squirrelly” is right-on! It’s so sensationalized–and more biased than ever. The only reasonably serious and non-biased network for news is PBS.

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