A blown Saturday and the “love” of a child

I thought I was doing my good deed of the week, but actually ended up wasting an otherwise perfectly good Saturday afternoon.

I had agreed to attend a city-wide career/life success program for high school students. I would be conducting three 20-minute programs on careers in marine sciences. I don’t normally like giving up Saturday afternoons, but at least it’s February and it’s not like I’d be going to the beach or something equally as summer-like. I got a clue that I was in trouble, when I was directed to the classroom for my programs and I just kept walking, and walking, and walking. For my first session, I had a single 9th grade girl, who was there at the high school to take a test and decided to hang around and see what was going on. For my second program, my audience was a middle-aged math instructor from a South Carolina college who, “was always interested in oceanography.” When no one showed up for the third session, I was about to shut down and pack up when a middle school student showed up with her teacher’s 18-month old little boy. We talked for a few minutes, but mostly we chased the kid around and played with him. In an earlier life, I would have been royally P-O’d and it would have ruined the rest of the weekend. In my old age, I was just annoyed and will chalk it up to a lesson learned.

*    *    *    *

I went out for an exercise-walk this morning. Just a block from the house, I was stopped by a woman in a car and wearing scrubs. She asked for directions to Memorial Medical Center. I initially had two thoughts.

1.) Boy, is she lost. Memorial Med Ctr is miles from here.

2). Why does what-appears-to-be-a-nurse need directions to the hospital.

It turns out she was a home health care nurse and her patient took a fall. The ambulance with her patience passed us while we talked. Fortunately for her, she picked on the righ random pedestrian. I am blessed with virtually no natural talents but one. I have a decent sense of direction, and can both give and take very good directions. I wrote out a very specific set of directions for her, right to the emergency room door. I hope she found it OK and her patient does all right.

*    *    *    *

A couple of our close friends are going through a tough time. His mother had a massive stroke about two weeks ago and has been unconscious on a ventilator ever since. This has prompted conversations in our family about end-of-life issues. Mrs. Poolman was discussing it with Writer Princess over lunch the other day, and expressed the thought that she would never want to be kept alive past her time by extended artificial means. Writer Princess eased her mind. “Don’t worry Mom. I’ll pull your plug.”

That’s good to know. I guess.

3 responses to “A blown Saturday and the “love” of a child

  1. That’s hilarious! I’m sure it’s comforting to know that!

  2. You have more patience than I do. I don’t think I could be so calm about volunteering my time on a Saturday, only to realize the time was pretty much wasted.

    I wish I had a better sense of direction. I can pretty much find my way anywhere, but explaining it to someone else is my weakness.

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