Planning St Patrick’s Day

Mrs. Poolman and I started planning our annual St Patrick’s Day bash last night. As you may have heard, St Patrick’s Day is a big deal in Savannah. Several hundred thousand tourists usually visit for the celebration. The downtown area turns into a giant outdoor party, centered around the parade.

For the past eight years, we and some of our friends have set up a “tail gate party” in one of the downtown squares. Along with the Florida-Georgia Party, this has become one of our big annual events. We show up before dawn to claim our spot. We set up chairs, tables, awnings and bring out the food and drink.

We start very early!

It is just like a college football tailgate party, except we usually start around six in the morning and break up around three in the afternoon. We eat; we drink; we visit with friends; and we generally have a great time.

Within a short while, the fun begins.

Oh, by the way, a parade comes by in the middle of it just for our entertainment. Our children and their friends count on our organizing it. We get multiple generations and lots of friends.

Two years ago, the square where we had always been simply got too crowded. Lots other folks got the same idea and the “party-in-the-square” concept started to get out of hand. Last year, we moved to a square earlier on the parade route and considerably less crowded. There were still lots of people, but it wasn’t a mad riot.

Several years ago, Mrs. P came up with an idea for which she is now famous, among our small circle of partiers. The porta-potties tend to get fairly nasty by the late morning. The female members of our group get grossed out. Mrs. P worked a deal with one of Poolboy’s friends, Tommy. Mrs. Poolman's Private Porta PottyShe rents a private porta-potty, which Tommy picks up the day before and puts in the back of his pickup truck. He parks the truck, with the porta-potty in the back on a side street near our square the night before. It works out great. And Mrs. Poolman’s Private, Personal Porta-Potty is a tremendous hit.

Our biggest issue in past years has been the popularity of our party. We love visiting with our friends, our family, our family’s friends and so on.

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