A fine St. Patrick’s Day!

Our ninth consecutive St. Patrick’s Day “tailgate in the square party” came off well today.

As I mentioned earlier, St Patrick’s Day is a big celebration in Savannah. In 2001, we began what has become an annual family tradition by setting up a “tailgate party” in one of the downtown squares and inviting our friends, our children and our children’s friends to come and enjoy the day.


It all started early. Mrs. Poolman and I were on the scene at 5:30 am, a half hour before the police allow people to move into the square (and about two hours before it becomes light.) After some pre-rush negotiations with the other groups, we claimed a good site without much difficulty. We settled in to await the rest of the group, who mostly arrived between 9 and 10 am.

Our area around 930 am

The day was cool and cloudy, but that didn’t stop anyone. By mid-morning our spot was hopping. We had a good number of people who either stopped by for a visit or stayed for the day.

And, oh, by the way, a parade came by in the middle of it all for entertainment.

It’s a lot of work and an early start, but worth it. Happy St Patrick’s Day!


2 responses to “A fine St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. That sounds like SO much fun! We hardly even notice St. Patrick’s Day around our house, much less take a day off work to celebrate.

    • St P’s Day is a big deal in Savannah because of a fairly large and organized Irish-Catholic community, and the rather long history of the event. They started parading on March 17 here in the 1830s. In 1865, they held two parades, one for the Savannah natives, and another for the Union occupiers. It’s fun.

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