Taxes and unhappy roommates, cats and dogs

The big excitement of the weekend was doing our taxes. We have used TurboTax for the last several years and strongly recommend it. Mrs. Poolman and I have the system down. I sit at the keyboard and she sits with all the paperwork in front of her. I ask the questions and she gives me the answers. I repeat it to confirm and then move on to the next item. We were done in about two hours. We pretty much broke even this year. We owed on the Federal but got a refund on the state. So it pretty much balanced out. I know some people get real excited when they get a big refund. I don’t think they realize it’s really their money they have been lending to Uncle Sam for the past year.

Poolboy’s roommate is giving him every reason possible to become a former roommate. They haven’t had any water in their condo since last Thursday. He came over to our house yesterday to take a shower. The two split up the utilities and Roommate is responsible for the water. For the third time in the past two years, they have had their water cut off because Roommate just can’t seem to find the time to pay the bill. I suspect that “happy couple” is headed for divorce.

Writer Princess and SIL moved in for a short stay last evening while their condo is being repaired for mold damage. They brought their cats which are quarantined in our second guest room. The kitties are not happy, but they’ll live.

Poolboy and GF joined us for dinner. We grilled some steaks and had a nice family feast. I’m still fighting a cold, so I took a half-dose of Nyquil and went to bed around 10:30 pm.

About 90 minutes later, I was ready to put Casey the Lab out of MY misery. It started raining with a little lightning and thunder – not really very much of either. It just drove the dog crazy. I was awakened by Casey trying to climb into bed and pawing at my arm.

Casey the Lab in happier times

After having no success getting him to settle in his doggie bed, I went ahead and helped him into our bed with the hope he would settle at my feet. No such luck. Within a minute or two he was back up at the head of the bed where he laid down half on top of me. Even after arranging him so he wasn’t directly on top of me, he panted so hard the entire bed shook like it was equipped with “magic fingers.” (“Put in the quarter. Turn out the light. Magic fingers make you feel all right.” – Jimmy Buffet) We fought about it for about a half hour until he must have settled down somewhere because I eventually fell back to sleep. Mrs. P had taken a full dose of Nyquil for her cold and slept through the entire fight. Next time, I’ll sic Casey on her.

One response to “Taxes and unhappy roommates, cats and dogs

  1. Sounds like a good way to handle the dreaded chore of taxes.

    My son’s roommates have the bill paying chore figured out. All roommates pay their portion of each bill to the designated bill-payer. (He must be the most responsible guy.) Seems to work pretty well.

    Why is it that our pets think they’re entitled to our bed space? My cats do the same thing. And I have never once gone and taken up residence in THEIR beds!

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