We are so “flocked!”

We have had a activity filled weekend. Right now I’m sitting here watching The Masters final round. It’s nice to see Fred Couples have a good tournament, even if his final round wasn’t that hot. As I’m writing this, Phil Mickelson is up by three with just a couple of holes left to play.

It all started Friday evening. Mrs. Poolman had set it up with some of our friends that I would do their taxes after work on Friday and then we’d all go out to eat some Mexican food for dinner. It wasn’t too bad. It took about two hours, including an emergency run back to their house to pick up a form they had not brought with them the first time.

When we got home from dinner, we discovered we had been “flocked.” There was a flock of cute little pink flamingos in our front yard. This is a fundraiser for the local leukemia society. The way it works is once someone “flocks” you, you pay the leukemia society a donation to flock someone else.  We were flocked by our good friends and neighbors, the W’s.

Mrs. Poolman thought they would look lovely around our pool, but I convinced her that wasn’t keeping with the spirit of the game, not to mention that they would have looked a little tacky.  We decided to split the flock and sent them on to two other friends.

Aside from that, it has been another yard work weekend. There are 38 more bags sitting out by the curb. If I spend one more good day next weekend, I should have the yard to the point where it will just need weekly maintenance.  I hope.

One response to “We are so “flocked!”

  1. Our church used to have a similar fundraiser for the annual fall festival. They had several GIANT wooden pink flamingos painted with the fall festival dates and times. People would pay to have them put up in other people’s yards and then those people had to pay to move them on to someone else.

    It was fun.

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