Getting ready for summer

We had sort of a lazy weekend, or at least we didn’t get anything major accomplished. I think I made up for it on Monday.

We had expected three home-repair type people to come to the house on Friday when Mrs. Poolman was off, but none could make it. Two of them postponed to Monday, and another to Thursday. So I took a vacation day on Monday to wait them out.

The first group was the tree crew who took out several trees that were shading our swimming pool, and seriously trimmed up several others. Later in the day, the TV repair guy showed up and finished the warranty-paid repair on our projection TV. All was good on both counts.

I took advantage of the day at home and some lingering guilt over being such a lazy slug most of the weekend, to do a fairly intensive house cleaning of the main living areas. This included dusting everything I could find, including door-frames, pictures, etc. and  vacuuming.

Once the tree guys left late in the afternoon, I cleaned the pool, which desperately needed it. We get an incredible amount of “biomass” from our trees in the spring. (Probably not as much the the next year or so, I guess.)

We have company coming this weekend, so I really wanted to start getting the pool warming with its new-found sunlight as soon as possible. For the past several years, we have used a solar blanket on and off.  It works, but it is a pain the butt to get on and off the pool. Essentially, it is just a large sheet of blue bubble-wrap, that magnifies the sunlight during the day and insulates the pool against cooling at night. Our solar blanket has sat, rolled-up in a tarp all winter, so the first step was to spread it out in the driveway and hose it off. Then I rolled it back up and attempted to put it on the pool surface.

Halfway through the wrestling match.

This is really a two-man job. I should have waited for Mrs. Poolman to get home, but I can be stupid stubborn sometimes. Eventually, I did get it spread and the bubbles brushed out.

If we have some good sun this week, we’ll see how warm we can get the water.

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