Wandering without direction

The good Lord blessed me with very few natural talents. About the only one I can truly claim as my own is a pretty good sense of direction. As a corollary to that, I both give and follow travel directions well. I am almost never lost. I almost always find where I am going with a minimum of error. Now, I think my one natural ability may be slipping away.

Yesterday afternoon, I was planning on attending the unveiling of a marine science exhibit at a local school, named Charles Ellis Elementary School.  I wasn’t late, but I was running close on time. I had never actually been to the school, but I knew the general part of town and that it is on 49th Street. So I got on 49th Street and drove to the neighborhood. Sure enough, right where I expected it to be, there was a large school complete with buses, etc.

A couple of thoughts went through my head that should have given me a clue.

“This is an awfully big school for an elementary school.”

“Gee, they must have a gigantic faculty with all these cars in the parking lot.”

“I wonder why there is a sign directing ‘student parking’ at an elementary school.”

“This looks like it’s the back entrance to the school. I wonder why the street address isn’t for the front of the school.”

Of course, I ignored them all.

I made my way to the school office, and started to sign in. When I told the secretary that I was there for the ecosystem exhibit, she gave me a blank look. I glanced down at the clipboard with the sign-in sheet and saw that none of the other participants I expected had arrived. Then I looked at the heading on the top of the sheet – “Savannah Arts Academy.” I was in the wrong school. Duh!

With apologies and embarrassment, I retreated back to my car. I continued down 49th Street just two more blocks to my intended destination.

My colleagues there enjoyed my excuse for tardiness. Behind their chuckles, I’m sure they were thinking, “That big doofus! He can’t even find the right school.”

I guess I should get used to it. This probably won’t be the last time. If you hear I’ve been found wandering aimlessly around town, you’ll know when it all started.

2 responses to “Wandering without direction

  1. Might I suggest… a GPS for your future travels.

  2. Ahh, that’s like cheating.

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