Gettin’ ready for a cruise

Earlier this year Poolboy decided he wanted to organize a family vacation.

We have been on so many we can’t count them all a number of cruises and that is Poolboy’s all-time favorite activity. He did the research back in the winter and came up with an extremely good deal on a five-day Carnival cruise out of Tampa in the fall.

The group grew to 16 people (all adults), including our entire immediate family, Son-in-Law’s brother and sister-in-law, and a good group from Mrs. Poolman’s side of the family in Jacksonville.

A number of the group will be on their first cruise. As we get closer the excitement is building. We are going to have a pre-cruise preparation gathering this evening at Casa Poolman to bring all the newbys up to speed and to coordinate travel and shore excursion arrangements.

Like many enjoyable activities, half the fun is in the anticipation and the memories after it’s over.


3 responses to “Gettin’ ready for a cruise

  1. Dan wants you to know that you spell newbie.. With an ie, not a ys. He wants you to know this because he undoubtedly resents being referred to as one.

  2. I’ve never been on a cruise and likely never will be since the hubby has a real problem with motion sickness.

    Hey, that gives me an idea! I should just go without him!

    Have fun on yours!

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