It’s what time?

I have never been one who likes mornings. Getting out of bed is always a chore for me. So I wasn’t all that surprised this morning when my alarm went off at its usual 6:15 am, but it was almost painful for me to pull myself off the pillow. I let the dogs out and went to the bathroom to start the morning routine. Even after taking a shower, I was still dragging bad.

As I got ready to shave, I looked down at my wrist watch on the counter to check my progress. I expected it would be around 6:45 am.  It didn’t look right. I picked it up to make sure I was looking at it right-side-up, but it still didn’t register. So I put on my glasses and looked again. My watch indicated 3:15 am.


That’s three and a half hours earlier than it should have been.

I went back into the bedroom. The alarm clock also said 3:15 and the alarm was still turned on.


All I can figure out is I must have dreamed the alarm went off. It woke me up and I just assumed it was time to get up. But it was still 3:15 in the morning!

I did the only thing that made sense. I left the alarm clock “on” and crawled back into bed. I was asleep in about 30 seconds.  I awoke when the alarm went off at the real 6:15 and popped out of bed, fresh and ready to greet the day.

Yeah, right.

6 responses to “It’s what time?

  1. Older people start getting up in the middle of the night like this…you’d better make sure you start eating enough fiber and keeping you teeth in a jar next to the bed.

    Matlock is on the ABC Family channel every night and the AARP magazine is free.

    That’s all I’ve got for now…

  2. ordinarybutinteresting

    Hee Hee Hee…

    Sorry for the lack of support on this one…comes from living the single life where once said mistake is realized, one makes use of the bonus hours and attacks chores or simple to-do list stuff (with the stove timer and alarm clock set to ring on the off-chance one does indeed fall back asleep – history proves this to be a reality).


  3. My husband did something similar recently. He had to go to work a little earlier than usual and so when he woke up just before the alarm was supposed to go off, he got out of bed. He actually got all the way to work and got started before he realized he was about an hour and a half too early.

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