Tickled pink — not

I have to take my hat off to the folks at the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. I know of celebrities who have suffered from over exposure, but I never thought it would happen to a disease. Everywhere I turn, I see pink. It’s past the point of awareness; it’s getting nauseating. I’m totally “pinked out.”

Please understand, I have nothing against breast cancer victims or the people who are raising money, creating awareness, and conducting research to combat the disease. It is a good and noble cause. But I have to ask; “Are there any other good causes out there?”

Personally, I have two friends suffering from ALS. Five of my friends or acquaintances have died of brain tumors over the past several years. In the past, I have been associated with the American Red Cross. All are good causes, but they don’t hold a candle to the cause du jour – breast cancer.

The local newspaper has adopted the cause. I addition to running stories on a daily basis, a couple of weeks ago they pulled out all the stops and printed the Sunday edition on pink paper. Ugh!

I walked into my bank last week and everyone was dressed in pink, right down to the women’s mascara. Even the only guy in the office was wearing pink and had a pink streak I his hair. Disturbing.

This afternoon, I’m sitting here watching the Patriots-Chargers game. I notice that many of the players are wearing pink shoes and gloves. Not too long ago, that would have been a Saturday Night Lived skit.

The list goes on.

So a big congratulations to the Susan Komen people. You have oversaturated popular culture with your cause. It’s a dream for any non-profit, and you have achieved it.

I’m just more than ready for the next color to come along.


One response to “Tickled pink — not

  1. As you know, these foundations are all fighting for the same dollars from Americans…and those dollars are getting harder and harder to obtain in these tough economic times.

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