Roast oysters and petrified doggie poop!

Oh man! It’s been a little busy around here which is why I haven’t had much time to write.

Several weeks ago, our son in law called to ask if he could throw an birthday party / oyster roast at our house for his wife, aka Writer Princess – our daughter. Since it was going to be a family celebration, Mrs. Poolman invited her two sisters and various adult children, spouses, significant others, etc. The end result was that in addition to hosting a labor-intensive party, we also had a house full of company all weekend. We had seven additional adults and one rather large and hyper-active boxer (dog). One couple slept down the street at Poolboy’s apartment, but they were still her for meals, etc.

I wish I had pictures to share, but to be honest, I was so darn busy before, during and after the party that I didn’t even think to pull out my camera. In addition to the oysters, we also had a good spread of chili and other party foods.

To be fair,  SIL provided the oysters and helped out a lot.  But when the event is at your house, there is a ton of prep and, later, clean up.

During the yard clean-up, I discovered something that makes sense, but I hadn’t thought of before. Dog droppings do not decompose as quickly during the colder winter than they do during the summer. I must have spent an hour scooping up petrified dog poop from the back yard.

It was a lot of effort, but everyone seemed to have a good time. Or at least they faked it well. The guest-of-honor was very pleased.

When they were growing up, she was always very jealous of her brother who had a summer birthday. He just seemed to have “cooler” parties.

Well, darlin’, let me tell ya. A pool party with roasted hot dogs is a lot less trouble than an oyster roast with a house full of out-of-town company. You’re welcome to a summer party anytime you want.


One response to “Roast oysters and petrified doggie poop!

  1. That was very generous of you to host the party at your house, and I agree. Hosting a party IS a lot of work – before, during and after. I’m sure your daughter is very grateful. It sounds like it was a great party!

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