A near miss with Angelina!

I really love it when I watch a movie or TV show and see a location I recognize or have visited. People like me in LA or New York must go crazy. I had one of those “ah ha” moments on Monday night.

I had watched the move “The Tourist” with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp on the airplane flight back from Europe in April. We rented it again on Monday so Mrs. Poolman could watch it. (As it turned out, she fell asleep half-way through the flick. So much for that effort.)

In the opening scene, Angelina Jolie walks out of her Paris apartment and walks to an outdoor café to have breakfast. The café looked familiar, so I paused the DVD and pulled out my laptop to check the pictures I took on the trip. Sure enough, Angelina was having breakfast at the Café Le Nemours, which is right near The Louvre. Ron, Birdie and I had lunch there the very first day we flew into Paris.

Cafe Le Nemours the afternoon of our lunch. No Angelina in sight!

We didn’t see Angelina there when we had lunch. Too bad.

2 responses to “A near miss with Angelina!

  1. So cool you recognized that! I will have to go there in July just to act all celebrity for a little bit!

  2. Now THAT is cool! Usually production companies change the location so much you don’t recognize it!

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