Ode to a swimming pool

I have often thought of our swimming pool, which we had installed in 1994, as our 7th child (after two natural children, two dogs and two cats) because of the amount of care and attention it requires. I ran across this description of a pool today. I can relate.

“Swimming pools need things. It isn’t enough to invest in the pool, the pool will require constant care, a cover, extra lounge chairs, extra towels, and plenty of poolside umbrellas. As soon as you think it is all taken care of, a storm will blow the umbrellas into the pool and rip the liner. You’ll replace the liner just in time for your children to have parties that you will get to cater. Afterwards you can spend the evening laundering your towels. Then the pool will want toys – slides, floating chairs, LED lights. You’ll want the pool to have self-cleaning robots that you just toss in…”

There is a great deal of truth in that paragraph. However, we still love ours .



3 responses to “Ode to a swimming pool

  1. I live in a one-bedroom apartment in suburban NY….which has (sigh) a pool. It is the most seductive sight to look down on it from the balcony and know it’s waiting for me, even if only three months of the year. Makes me feel like the richest person on earth to have a pool, even a shared one.

  2. I have always, ALWAYS wanted a pool. The hubby has always been of strict opposition to my wants. And in spite of your description of owning a pool, I find I’d still like one. I’m still holding out hope….

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