“Some assembly required”

This past weekend, I tackled a project I had been putting off for more than three months. My children gave me a new grill for Father’s Day. It has been sitting, unassembled, in the box in one of our guest rooms since mid-June.

I had been procrastinating for two good reasons.

1.) When I had any free time on a summer weekend afternoon, I wanted to spend it doing something more useful than poring over a set of directions – like sitting by my pool with a good book in one hand and a beer in the other.

2.) I knew it was going to be a pain in the rear. On that note, I was not disappointed.

A turn of cooler weather along with the fact that my old grill finally died prompted me to go ahead and get the new one assembled.

So while Mrs. Poolman was off at a baby shower, I spent several hours Sunday afternoon trying to transform a set of directions and a pile of unrecognizable parts into a functioning grill. Actually, it wasn’t really all that difficult. It was just tedious. If I had to assemble another grill of the same model again today, I could do it in around 30 minutes. But the first effort involved much time staring at diagrams and trying to connect the drawing with an actual part that was one of many spread around our family room.

At least twice, I missed a step and had to back up, disassemble the previous few steps, and pick up where I had missed.

When Mrs. P got home, the family room looked like a tornado had hit it.

It's not as bad as it looks.

There was lots of cardboard, plastic wrapping and Styrofoam. But the grill was assembled.  A few minutes later, it was out in the courtyard and ready to go to work.

In all its glory!

We had some very nice sirloin steaks for dinner that evening.  Not a bad reward.

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