The shoe’s on the other foot

We had an interesting conversation with our daughter, Writer Princess, over the weekend. Her in-laws were going to be out of town and so her 17-year old sister-in-law, Glenda, was planning on bringing a friend and staying with WP and Son-in-Law on Saturday night. Apparently, Glenda had several options, and the decision to stay with her older brother and his wife was her first choice.

My first question to WP was, “So what is her agenda?”

WP wisely responded, “I don’t know, but I’m sure there is one.”

As the conversation continued, WP made a number of comments like these.

“She probably wants to go somewhere that her parents wouldn’t approve.”

“She probably thinks we’ll be more lenient on her.”

“She got in trouble awhile back because she went to a party or something when she had told her parents she was somewhere else.”

“Her parents don’t really like the group she is running around with.”

Mrs. Poolman and I were busting a gut laughing. If you roll back the clock 11 or 12 years, WP would have been talking about herself. Although I didn’t know my son-in-law at the time, I understand he didn’t exactly spend every Saturday night in the library either. It’s ironic to see the two of them as the rules-enforcers and curfew keepers.

Fortunately, WP also saw the humor in the situation.  I haven’t talked with WP since then. I’m curious how the weekend went.


One response to “The shoe’s on the other foot

  1. Almost every kid goes through their own phase of trying to figure out who they are and trying their parents’ patience. It’s definitely an eye-opener when you come out on the other side as “the voice of reason.”

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