A Saturday at Epcot

Saturday of our Disney weekend was fun, but tiring.

We started off by getting up early to hear the Wyndam time share sales spiel. (Aren’t we on vacation?) This was suggested by my sister-in-law who pointed out that the incentive was a $100 American Express gift card.

The one and a half hour presentation grew into three hours. The “no pressure” sales pitch turned into “won’t take no for an answer.” Actually, Mrs Poolman and I nearly got up, told them to keep their gift card and walked away. We didn’t though, and the gift card has paid for several good meals since then.

Mrs. P and I did cut a deal however. We both agreed that if either of us suggests sitting through a time-share sales presentation in the future, the other party has grounds for divorce.

After we escaped from the clutches of the time-share sales reps, we headed out to Epcot. Although we have been to Disney many times, I don’t believe I have ever been to Epcot. We started the same way you do everything at Disney, standing in line.

Get used to lines.


We got a “fast pass” to the “Test Track.”

This isn't us. Duh.

We tried to “fast pass” the “Soaring” ride, which everyone says is outstanding, but we were too late. We did all the usual “stuff”.  We shopped around some of the international pavilions for dinner and ended up at the Moraccan restaurant.

Cafe Tangierine

We had a variety of lamb and chicken combos and sandwiches and were quite happy with it. Their sides of tabouli and cuscus was were really very good. And for Disney, the price was not bad. Mrs. P’s and my total came to just $33.

Tomorrow – no time share sales pitch. We have the Animal Kingdom on the schedule.

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