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What were you thinking?

Two incidents over the past 24 hours have caused me to think, as I frequently do, “What is that person thinking?”

The first was yesterday afternoon. I used my lunch break to have the oil changed in my car at one of those “while you wait” shops. I told the guy who met me at the car that I needed an oil change and to rotate the tires. He told me that they no longer offer the tire rotation service. I went ahead and got the oil change anyway, but it got me to thinking. “Why would they discontinue that service?” I need to have the tires rotated every ten to 12 thousand miles. The easiest thing is to have it done at the same time as an oil change – two simple and quick, but needed services in one stop.

So what is going to happen is this. I’ll need to find someone else to rotate the tires. (I could do it myself, but who wants to hassle with that? I don’t have a rack and a pneumatic lug wrench.) I’ll probably find someone who will also do an oil change at the same time because I don’t want to have to make two separate adventures out of this if I can avoid it. The end result – my original guy has lost an otherwise happy, loyal and regular customer.  Dumb a**.

I made a quick stop at Publix (grocery store) on the way to work this morning to pick up some breakfast bars and a tomato to go with my salad-lunch. As I pulled into a slot in the parking lot, I noticed that already, first thing in the morning, there were grocery carts left in the parking slots. Cart-BlogThis is a minor annoyance, I know, but it still rubs me just a little. How lazy can a person be that they cannot take their empty cart maybe ten or 15 steps to the cart corral? In the case of the cart that I adjusted my parking to avoid, the corral was just across the aisle. At this Publix, there is really no excuse. They offer free bag-service, just for the asking.

“Thank you for your offer to take my bags to my car, but it won’t be necessary. I’ll just leave my cart in one of the parking spaces.  Other shoppers won’t mind. They’ll understand I’m special.”