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Everything is relative

As we get closer to Christmas, you hear many people complaining about the holiday pressure, crowds in the stores, traffic on the streets or difficult family issues.  Just the other day, I was talking with someone and expressed my belief that troubles and inconveniences are all relative.  It seems whenever I have something to complain about, it is very easy to find someone who has difficulties much, much worse. In perspective, my worst problems and lowest days are much better than many people’s best.

I was so reminded of that today.

I have a work-related friend I got to know at my previous job. We were not all that close, but we did a fair amount of work together. He helped run a meeting center in Savannah, and would reserve me a parking spot there on St. Patrick’s Day. One year, he, his wife and two young sons joined us for our St Patrick’s Day tailgate party. We haven’t been that tight, but we’ve stayed in touch.

Via Facebook, I had heard that his two young sons had been in an automobile accident early in December. One son was in rehab and recovering well. The younger son was “making progress.” Today, I learned the sad truth. The younger son has a severe brain injury, from which he is not expected to recover. This afternoon, the family is transferring him from peds ICU to a hospice to spend his last hours or days.

Don’t you know those parents wish all they had to worry about was last minute shopping or crazy traffic?

Count your blessings.

A close one!

It’s almost never good when the phone rings at ten o’clock in the evening. The other night, it was our son, Poolboy, reporting that he had just had an automobile accident and was calling for a pick-up and sympathy.

Poolboy and his girlfriend had just left our house a little earlier in the evening and were heading downtown for dinner. It was a rainy night. Apparently an oncoming driver didn’t see them and tried to make a left-turn right in front of them. Poolboy’s Explorer t-boned the other car. The official word isn’t in yet, but it looks like both vehicles were totaled. Airbags went off all around and both vehicles were seriously distorted. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Poolboy was holding it together, but just barely when we arrived. He was seriously angry. He had just bought the Explorer from a friend a couple of weeks ago and he was still deeply in love with it.

He didn’t want to be reminded of any silver linings in the incident, but there was a big one. Poolboy’s Explorer struck the other, smaller car square on the passenger door. The car was crumbled all the way to the center console between the seats. If the other guy had a passenger with him, I have little doubt some other family would be mourning the loss of something more precious than a car.

It doesn’t take much.  Be safe!