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How Charlestonians view their state

With full credit to the folks at the International Association of Haters , I offer up this view of our neighboring state of South Carolina from the perspective of Charleston. It is not the slightest bit politically correct and is likely to offend many. Still, it’s pretty funny, and, as a former Charleston resident,  fairly on-target with respect to how people there view the rest of the state and beyond.

Keep those cards and letters coming!

What ever happened to Christmas cards? We have always looked forward to the annual mailings, especially those with photos, but each year, the volume of holiday greetings seems to be a smaller.

We have moved around the country to various cities before settling in Savannah. As a result, we have left good friends all over the Southeast, from Orlando to Tulsa (not really Southeast, I know.) We started a tradition of doing photo-cards when Poolboy was just six months old. It was one way for our distant-friends to stay in touch with the progress of our growing family.

Last weekend, Mrs. P and I sent out our reduced-batch of 40 cards. This year, it is a photo card with a picture of all six of us (includes son-in-law and Poolboy’s GF)  sitting around a table at an outdoor bar in Key West during our summer vacation cruise.

Cbristmas letters are also a great source of humor, although not always in the manner the letter-writer intended. We frequently laugh — sometimes WITH the writer and sometimes AT the writer. On one end of the spectrum is our old friend, Wyatt, who mercilessly pokes fun at his children in his annual letter. A collection of his Christmas letters could be published. At the other end are those sanctimonious letters, usually written by mothers, who try so hard to paint a glowing portrait of their perfect little life and family.


A nice break in the “action”

I’ve been off the grid for a couple of days. Mrs. Poolman and I both took a week of vacation. We went up to Folly Beach, SC, near Charleston, and spent several days at the beach-front Holiday Inn.

We had a nice time. The only problem is we picked a week when the area is having a record-breaking heat wave. We didn’t spend much time on the beach. It just isn’t that much fun when the temperatures are in the mid 90s and the heat index is 110.

Folly Beach is a funky little beach town.

Folly Beach's "main street"

It’s not a high-end resort. It is mostly cottages, surf shops and funky little restaurants. We like that. The Holiday Inn is the only serious hotel to be found. However, I did find another little hostelry a couple of blocks away. I wonder if anyone made a reservation expecting to get this.

The Holiday Inn

And ended up with this.

The HoLLiday Inn

So we visited downtown Charleston and drove through our old neighborhood from when we lived here. That part of town has developed so much, I was afraid I would have trouble finding the right streets.

There is a long fishing pier right next to the hotel.

The Folly Beach Pier

We walked out one night and saw the coolest thing. There was a large school of stingrays right near the pier. We went back the next day on the off chance they were still around and they were. The picture isn’t very good, but it gives an idea of the school.

A school of stingrays

Pretty cool.

We came back on Thursday. I had a state legislator scheduled to visit our campus. That took care of the afternoon. Friday was devoted to work around the house. Mrs. P and I painted the back hallway of our house. What fun!

Today is our anniversary. We were going to paint the family room, but decided to put it off for another day. I am reading at mass this evening. Afterwards, we are off for an anniversary dinner downtown. We are going to a restaurant that used to be one of our favorites, but we haven’t been there in years. More to come.