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“Signs, signs, everywhere the signs…’

A couple of weeks ago, I stopped into a local drug store with a person who is very close to me but will remain nameless to protect her dignity. She looked at the marquee and asked me, “So, what is a ‘hiney’ shot?”

Hini shots?

I told here that I believe that they were referring to an H1N1 flu shot. Normally they are administered in the arm, but if she really wanted one in the “hiney”, I’m sure they would accommodate her. It did give us a big laugh about the thought of someone walking in the pharmacy, dropping their pants and asking for a shot in the butt.

Right across the street was another sign on the front of the movie-rental store. We’ve all seem signs for free kittens…

…but this was the first time I’ve seen a sign for free kids. So is that supposed to be an incentive? I wonder how sales are going.