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Sunday @ Disney

Our Sunday here in the “land of the mouse” was very nice.

We headed out early for Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It was a very good day. We really enjoyed the various “nature trails.”. The safari ride in the “Africa” section was worth the effort.

The gorilla ended up leaning against a tree and eating leaves, but he did not look happy.

How to scratch your ear when you are 18 feet tall.

Gotta love the bats. They just "hang out."

At one point, we came across a crocodile that was lying very still. My brother-in-law and I wondered if it was real of a “fake.” He has the best analysis.

“This is Disney. It’s the only place you can be assured, if it is moving it’s probably fake, but if it’s lying still, it’s probably real.”

Right on.

With some balance still remaining the gift card we received for enduring the time share pitch, we planned all along to eat in the park. Mrs. P had received recommendations for the “Yak and Yetti” in the Asia section of the park. This is a “sit down” restaurant, and between the location (in Disney), and the name I was fully prepared to be fleeced and disappointed. Neither happened. Mrs. P and I split three appetizers, Dim Sum, chili Thai wings and egg rolls. They were goodand there was more than enough for the two of us to split for lunch. With drinks (less tip or any alcohol), the bill came to about $30. Again, not bad at all for resort prices.

We finished up with the Everest Himalayan ride, which was loads of fun.

Oh yeah!

I wasn’t real happy when it started going backwards in the dark, but that’s just me.

The only downside to the day was the crowds. No real surprise there. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Especially annoying were all the strollers. The slow-moving double-wides could block entire walkways. I was somewhat dismayed at the number of children who were clearly old enough to walk on their own – five or six years old — but were still being pushed  around in strollers by their parents.

"What do you mean, this thing doesn't have a DVD player?"

Isn’t it enough that you have to take out a second mortgage on your house to afford to take your little darlings to Mouse Land? Are you also obligated to protect them from the exertion of walking from one amusement to the next? I guess it’s just me, but if the five or six year old is too lazy to walk on his own, I think I’d save the money and aggravation and stay at home

Maybe when we have grandchildren, I’ll change my mind. Maybe not.