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Where did the time go?

Christmas looks to be fairly quiet for us this year. Both our children have jobs and other family obligations (in-laws and GF’s family). We’ll do a Christmas dinner at our house on Christmas evening, but it will probably be just the six of us, plus maybe just one or two additional guests. Nothing like the major family gatherings or “widows and orphans” holiday gatherings of years past.

For years, Mrs. P’s family got together for at least one, if not both, of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. However, both her parents are now deceased. All the nieces and nephews are grown and have jobs and other obligations. We are past the time when the kids were out of school for two weeks and we could throw them in the car for a holiday trip.

It dawned on Mrs. P and me a couple of years ago – we are now at the stage in life that her parents were when we were first married. Then her parents were the gathering point for holiday celebrations. Now, the generations have move up one notch, and we are the center for our children and, eventually and hopefully, grandchildren.

Life moves on.