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Random thoughts on a Friday

The NFL has announced the 2014 Super Bowl will be played outdoors at the Jets-Giants new Meadowlands Stadium. That’s just crazy. The game is scheduled for February 2nd.  It’s cold in New Jersey at that time of year. Let’s not forget, Super Bowls are not played during the day anymore. They are prime time extravaganzas. That means you can knock about ten degrees off of whatever was the daytime high. It may not mean much for the players, but I can’t imagine a great Super Bowl experience when my bottom is frozen to the seat. Fortunately (or unfortunately, as the case may be), I doubt I will have the opportunity to find out for myself.

I grew up in and around Pittsburgh, but there is a reason I went to college and spent most of my adult life in the South. I’ll battle the sun and heat at The Swamp any day. No frostbite at the football game, please.

*    *    *

Another female teacher has gotten in hot water for messing around with her students. She was a “Teacher of the Year” no less. This certainly does not bring back memories of my high school experience. Why would someone think that is a good idea?

*   *   *

Apparently the latest front-runners for the Darwin Awards, aka“How much more stupid can I be?”, involves teenagers pouring vodka into their eyes. Wouldn’t that sting just a little? Besides, it’s a terrible waste of good Grey Goose.

It does give a new twist to the old toast, “Here’s mud (or vodka?) in your eye!”

*   *   *

Bumper sticker I saw this morning – “My child doesn’t need validation from a bumper sticker.” Ha!

“Start spreading the news…”

It’s been a busy week. This is the first opportunity I’ve to post the story of our trip to New York City last weekend.

Mrs. Poolman and I were both “Big Apple Virgins.” Neither of us had visited NYC. There is a story behind this, so bear with me.

Our hostess on this trip was a good friend who I’ve known since high school. Randi has stayed in touch with us and we have visited back and forth, but never to New York.

Also along was another couple. Marcia and Greg. Marcia and Randi have been best friends since grade school and we were all part of the same group of friends in high school. Marcia and I have stayed loosely in touch since then, mostly on a Christmas card exchange basis.

Several years ago, Marcia’s husband, Greg, an artist and art teacher, was diagnosed with ALS. At this point, he is confined to a motorized wheelchair with limited use of a thumb to control it. They took a southern vacation last spring and spent several days with us. Despite some initial trepidation, we had a great time. Marcia is the same fantastic person she was 35 years ago. Greg is simply a superman. For a guy who has a terribly crippling disease, his attitude is incredible. To talk to him, you would think he had nothing more serious than a sprained ankle. They are absolutely amazing!

We flew up on Thursday and stayed until Sunday evening. Marcia and Greg drove up from Philadelphia on Friday afternoon.

Randi is absolutely the “hostess with the mostest.” She had darn near every waking minute crammed with some activity. Our HQ was her apartment two blocks south of Central Park. We were unabashed tourists and loved it.

We rode the Staten Island Ferry.Staten Island Ferry

NYC Skyline_edited-1We even saw President Obama leave Manhattan after his UN visit.Obama

We went to Grand Central Station.Grand Central

We ate incredible meals. Meal

We visited Central Park.Central Park

We went to Time Square.Times Square

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge.Brooklyn Bridge

We went to a Broadway play.Billy Elliot

We watched the lights come on from the Top of the Rock.City Lights

With just an hour left before we had to leave to the airport, we even squeezed in a street fair.Street Fair

And we walked, and we walked, and we walked, even in the rain. .Walk in the rain

Great time had by all. Thank you Randi, Marcia and Greg for making it a fantastic weekend. We’ll be back!