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A great turnout for our open house

We had a very full and exhausting Saturday a week ago.

We and all of our campus partners sponsored our annual open house event. Although three other organizations are involved in the project, it falls on my shoulders to organize, coordinate, publicize and trouble-shoot the event.  I have a ton of help so I don’t want it to sound like I’m a one-man-band. But the day of the event, it is very full, busy and tiring.

We had over 2,000 visitors throughout the afternoon. Here are some sample-pictures.

For the past six years, I have wanted to do nothing more the evening of our open house, than to go home, fix a drink, turn on some football and maybe order some wings or pizza. This year, we had two invitations to parties.  We had to pass on one of Mrs. Poolman’s friend’s 50th birthday party in favor of a dinner party at Writer Princess’s and Son-in-Law’s. This was their first event since moving into their house. Fortunately, they didn’t mind me watching the UF-Auburn game, although why I bothered, I don’t know. Ugly.

We went home and “crashed” early. We spent Sunday hanging around the house, doing laundry, yard work, etc.

Such an exciting life we live.

A busy month behind me

My month of fairly intensive activity is over and life looks to be getting more-or-less back to normal.

Over the past month, Mrs. Poolman and I had two weekend trips and I had an overnight work related trip. Except for when I was out of town for our Pennsylvania trip, I have been tied up with our evening lecture series two nights per week. Plus, I was also out Wednesday evenings with my CCD class. We finished up on Saturday with our campus-wide annual open house event.The open house was a pretty big deal. We had roughly 1,900 visitors on an incredibly beautiful Saturday afternoon. (Clear skies, mid-70s with a light breeze.) They enjoyed the aquarium, science displays, programs, tours of our research vessels and more.Organizing this event is my responsibility. It has become increasingly difficult and stressful in recent years. More and more “volunteers” have opted out of the project, thus increasing the burden on those of us who are left. I frankly admitted that I did not perform as well in marketing the event as I might have because I was distracted by other issues that someone else had handled in previous years. We definitely need to make some structural changes before next year’s event.

*    *    *    *

The Gators dropped their third in a row Saturday night. It will be interesting to see just how good our coaching staff can do their job. With an off week this weekend, they have two weeks to regroup the team and get them on the right path. Do they continue in a death spiral, or can they pull them out and salvage the season? The second half of the season will be interesting.

Recovery day

Our busy run of fall weekends is continuing. Yesterday, our entire campus put on a large public open house event. This is the fifth year I have been organizing it (with a lot of help from many others.) For the past several years, we have attracted between 1,700 and 2,000 visitors on a Saturday afternoon. Since this is “my baby,” I am the first one there in the morning and the last (or one of the last) to leave in the evening. It was a busy day.

Lots of stuff for kids.

Lots of stuff for kids.

The weather looked like rain the AM, but then turned into a hot sunny afternoon. Nice day for mid-July! What is that all about? 88 degrees is a very warm October afternoon, even for Savannah.

The early day promise of rain did not fail, but it did hold off until the event was nearly over. Cleaning up in the rain wasn’t a lot of fun, but it’s not like it was cold.

Last night, we walked down the street to some friends’ house to watch the Florida-LSU game. The Gators put together a very conservative game plan. They also left some points on the field, but the defense was good enough to hold LSU to just a field goal, so the Gators remain undefeated. It wasn’t an impressive score, 13-3, but to go into Baton Rouge and beat the #4 ranked team on a Saturday night is impressive enough. I’m happy with the “W”, and on to Arkansas for homecoming next weekend.

Today is a recovery day. Slept late and took Mrs. Poolman out to lunch and ran a few errands.

I have a chest and sinus cold (bronchitis?) that just won’t go away. I’ll be calling the doctor in the morning to set up an appointment to get some antibiotics. I hate to be premature about it, but this has been hanging on for nearly two weeks, so I guess it’s time.