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Just not that big a deal!

I am really glad (thankful?) we are not traveling anywhere this weekend. Driving isn’t too bad, but flying? What kind of masochist wants to brave the air travel system on any holiday weekend? But this weekend, with the informal security “opt-out” boycott?

I’m not saying that the TSA can’t improve their methodology, but I really can’t get too worked up about either the full body scan or a pat-down. Given the choice between a little invasion of privacy and being blown out of the sky, I’ll take the invasion every time.

I chuckle over the comparison between a pat-down and a sexual assault “…if it were done by anyone else.” Actually there are lots of instances where that a person may have contact with another that, under different circumstances, might be inappropriate. Doctors, nurses and other medical care providers come to mind immediately. Dancers, cheerleaders, music instructors, athletes and athletic coaches often have close contact with others, frequently of the opposite gender, without it being “sexual assault.”

Since the TSA pat-downs are performed by members of the same sex, I suspect the screener is no-more happy about messing with someone’s “junk” than the subject.

I think the Israelis have the right idea – they profile. They train their security agents to interview passengers and target those who look like high risk. If you are really interested in security, does it really make sense to treat an 80 year old grandmother traveling with her family the same as a single, Saudi male, in his 20s?

It’s not politically correct, but I guess the Israelis don’t really care. And it works.