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Nobel Prize 2010 — A look ahead

dr_phil_mcgraw[Reuters:  Oslo, Norway 10-10-10] In a move that caught absolutely no one by surprise, the Nobel Prize Committee announced today that Dr. Phil McGraw will receive the 2010 Nobel Prize for Peace.

McGraw, known to his fans as Dr. Phil, is the host of a popular American television talk show.

In announcing the selection, the Nobel Prize Committee cited McGraw’s exhaustive work to reunite TV reality stars Jon and Kate Gosselin. jon-and-katePrior to their highly publicized and acrimonious separation, the Gosselins were the stars of a successful television show, “Jon and Kate Plus Eight,” which featured the couple and their adventures to raise their eight young children. Working both behind the scenes and on the air, McGraw is credited with brokering the reconciliation of the super-star couple, culminating with their renewal of their wedding vows on McGraw’s show. That episode of “Dr. Phil” is reported to be the single most-watched television show in history, beating out the final episode of M.A.S.H. by a two-to-one margin.

“I want to thank the committee for this award,” said McGraw. “I knew that I was doing important work with this couple, but I didn’t think the Nobel Committee would see it that way.

“This is well deserved recognition for all of the talk shows in the Oprah family and the significant contributions to mankind we make every day.”

Paris Hilton, who was the runner-up for the award, agreed that McGraw deserved the accolades. “Look at it this way, last year President Obama won, and he hadn’t done anything to deserve it,” she said. “Dr. Phil was responsible for making peace between two really important people and saving my favorite TV show.”

MitchelSome critics believe the award should have gone to former Senator George Mitchell, who was instrumental in finally brokering a just and lasting peace agreement in the Middle East earlier this year,  ending more than 60 years of conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors.  Hilton disagreed.

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen the Israelis or Palestinians on the front of People magazine,” she said.

Sources close to McGraw say he will ask Michelle Obama to babysit the Gosselin’s eight children while their parents accompany him to the awards ceremony in Norway later this year. White House sources say that proposal is being seriously considered.

Image 1, Substance 0

In the ongoing struggled between celebrity and substance, chock up a big W for celebrity. Our president has won the Nobel Prize for Peace. What is that all about?Nobel_Prize

Somewhere I got the obviously mistaken notion that Nobel Prizes were awarded for a person’s accomplishments. Apparently that is not correct. President Obama was a freshman senator who was elected President primarily because he talks a great game. That’s OK. That is why politicians get elected – they say the right things and inspire people to vote for them. barack-obama-bwAside from getting himself elected, can anyone honestly point to anything of world-significance that the president has actually accomplished?

On the international scene, he has given a lot of speeches, but he hasn’t solved any world problems. The Middle East is still a mess. There are plenty of countries with nukes. People are starting to compare Afghanistan with Vietnam. And so on.  Granted, he is only nine months into his first term, so you can’t expect very much at this time. That is the point! He is less than a year into his first term as president, with nothing but words and “visions” on his record.

Please understand, my beef is not with the President.  He didn’t apply or lobby for the prize; the Nobel Committee just gave it to him.  But what was the committee thinking?ParisHilton_

Well, I guess they are now handing out Nobel prizes for celebrity. Maybe Paris Hilton should submit her resume for next year.

On the other hand, maybe this is just Scandinavia’s way of sending the President a “make-good” for the slap down he received from the International Olympic Committee in Copenhagen last month.

So long, farewell Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight!

Over the weekend, Sarah Palin officially stepped down from the Alaska governorship to return to private life. If only it were so. 2012 is just around the corner, and you know she’ll be back.

Until we meet again?

Until we meet again?

I have nothing against Sarah Palin’s political ideas. I agree with some of them and disagree with others. For that matter, I agree with most of my friend Craig’s political ideas, and Lord knows, he is outspoken. However, as much as I like Craig, I would never suggest he should be President of the United States, no matter how much I like what he has to say. The same goes for Sarah Palin. My problem with Ms. Palin is simply this; she is totally unqualified to be President of the United States. She doesn’t seem to understand that and neither do legions of her followers. Ms. Palin has spent too much time reading her own press releases and has started to believe them.

The job of President of the United States is probably the most difficult in the entire world with stakes higher than any other. Along with the obvious, and current issues of the economy, Supreme Court, health care, Iran and Korea’s nuclear programs, Israel and all its neighbors, immigration policy, taxation, defense and so on, there is that other gigantic elephant in the room. Nuke ExplosionThe President is one of maybe two people in the entire world who have the power at their fingertip to destroy all civilization on the planet. I’m not trying to be an alarmist. I’m just using that as an example to demonstrate how huge the responsibilities of the job are. This isn’t like hiring someone to manage a fast food restaurant. Agreeable ideas and a cute pair of glasses aren’t enough. The person who undertakes this job should have a strong intellect and a depth of knowledge and experience.

Famous for being famous?

Famous for being famous?

Ms. Palin’s rise to stardom reminds me of “celebrities” like Paris Hilton –famous for being famous. It is an unfortunate symptom we can see so often in today’s society. Celebrity means everything; substance so much less. They look good and they talk well. What else do you need?

When the Republican Party reached down (FAR down) to pull Palin out of the obscurity of the Alaska governor’s office to run for vice president, I thought maybe they had placed the names of every state-wide Republican office holder in the country in a big jar and pulled out a name. Whatever her political ideas, then-Governor Palin had absolutely no qualifications to be President. She was a relatively recently elected first-term governor of one of the smallest (population-wise) states. Prior to that, she was mayor of a town the size of Pooler, Georgia. Her total hands-on experience with any of the pressing national and international issues was then and continues now to be zero. The thought of someone only two years removed from being a small town mayor in position to be the most powerful and responsible person in the world, scared the heck out of me. As the campaign ran on, it became obvious that my initial concerns were correct.

I know many people who might have voted for John McCain, but they couldn’t stomach the idea of Sarah Palin being just one blood clot away from the Oval Office.

The argument could be made that George W. Bush’s only political experience was also as a governor. However, he was a two-term governor of a state large enough to be a country of its own. And besides, would you hold him up as a success story?

Sarah will be back. You can count on that. I can see the press releases now – “the feisty, outspoken hockey mom who is ready to take on the Washington establishment.”

We’re still three years away. Maybe that is enough time for some other Republican to emerge who has both the personality to contend for the office and the ability to do the job if elected.