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The Tebow train keeps on chugging along

For a Steeler fan like myself, it was tough to watch the Steelers-Broncos game at our house last weekend. There were two reasons.

1. The Steelers’ defense, #1 in the league, made the NFL’s worst quarterback look like the second coming of Johnny Unitas.

2. Mrs. Poolman actively cheered for Tim Tebow and the Broncos the entire game.

Actually, I have really enjoyed all the fuss and controversy over Tebow this year. Of course, we have followed him since he was recruited by the Gators, his four years of playing for the Gators, a Heisman Trophy and two national championships. These days he has been driving people crazy, again for two reasons.

–As a man, he is the “real deal.”  Critics have been searching for some evidence of hypocrisy in Tim for years, but haven’t been able to find any. He is what he is, and that is a strong character and good person.

–He has marginal skills as a traditional NFL quarterback, but that hasn’t kept him from being a major player in a story-book season for the Broncos. The team’s performance, most recently against Pittsburgh last weekend, has caused all kinds of “experts” to eat their words.

It has also given editorial cartoonists plenty of material to work with.

Frankly, I don’t know if Tim has a long-term future as an NFL quarterback. I’m not enough of an expert to make that kind of judgment. But in the meantime, the story has been a lot of fun to watch.

Another reason Timmy has been fun to watch is the criticism and outrage over his public displays of faith.  The term “Tebowing” has entered the language. (I also thought it was hysterical when, during one game this season, a defensive player sacked Tim, and then took a knee in the “Tebow pose.” Now that’s funny!)

I ran across this piece from Fox News featuring commentator Bernard Goldberg, who addresses the criticism and defends Tim. As usual, Bernie is right on target.

We’ll be watching the Denver-New England game on Saturday evening. We’ll see if the miracle train continues on down the track.


Tickled pink — not

I have to take my hat off to the folks at the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. I know of celebrities who have suffered from over exposure, but I never thought it would happen to a disease. Everywhere I turn, I see pink. It’s past the point of awareness; it’s getting nauseating. I’m totally “pinked out.”

Please understand, I have nothing against breast cancer victims or the people who are raising money, creating awareness, and conducting research to combat the disease. It is a good and noble cause. But I have to ask; “Are there any other good causes out there?”

Personally, I have two friends suffering from ALS. Five of my friends or acquaintances have died of brain tumors over the past several years. In the past, I have been associated with the American Red Cross. All are good causes, but they don’t hold a candle to the cause du jour – breast cancer.

The local newspaper has adopted the cause. I addition to running stories on a daily basis, a couple of weeks ago they pulled out all the stops and printed the Sunday edition on pink paper. Ugh!

I walked into my bank last week and everyone was dressed in pink, right down to the women’s mascara. Even the only guy in the office was wearing pink and had a pink streak I his hair. Disturbing.

This afternoon, I’m sitting here watching the Patriots-Chargers game. I notice that many of the players are wearing pink shoes and gloves. Not too long ago, that would have been a Saturday Night Lived skit.

The list goes on.

So a big congratulations to the Susan Komen people. You have oversaturated popular culture with your cause. It’s a dream for any non-profit, and you have achieved it.

I’m just more than ready for the next color to come along.