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Random thoughts

A couple of recent news non-news items have given me reason to smile smirk chuckle LMAO.

balloon boyBalloon Boy – I spent nearly three decades in the news business, and let me tell you, this story had “hoax” written all over it from the very beginning. It is a sad testament to the state of American journalism that this story has lasted as long as it has. CNN let themselves be such a tool. There was the now-famous Wolf Blitzer interview in which the 5-year old boy ‘fessed up to doing it for “the show.” But why were these nutcases on the show to begin with? Jeez-Louise!

leviLevi Johnston poses for Playgirl – Hasn’t this guy’s 15 minutes of fame been expired for about a year now? I saw this on the Web yesterday and asked myself, “Huh?” I haven’t paid much attention to him, but a quick Google search shows that he has been all over the celebrity circuit lately. What is so fascinating about a 19-year old high school dropout whose sole accomplishment is getting his girlfriend knocked up? Why does anyone care what this guy has to say?  It’s a waste of good attention span. See, now I’m guilty of it too! Ugh.

Semi toughWhat celebration? — There has been a lot of talk in college football circles about excessive celebration penalties. Georgia Bulldog fans are convinced a bogus celebration penalty cost them a game a couple of weeks ago. I was reminded of this when I happened to have the last half hour of the 1977 Burt Reynolds movie “Semi-Tough” on TV this past weekend (Great book by Dan Jenkins. Lousy movie.)

There is a scene in the Super Bowl where the coach has to decide whether or not to punt. The Eastern European kicker, played by the late Ron Silver, tries to convince the coach to let him try a 60 yard field goal. Instead, the coach tells Silver to punt. Coming out of the huddle, Silver has the team in field goal formation. The coaches and players on the sidelines are going nuts. Silver is calm and collected. He brushes some dirt off his waist band and then smoothly kicks one through the uprights from 60 yards out.  Everyone on the team goes nuts, except for Silver. He looks over at the sideline and smiles, as if to say “I told you I could do it.” As he walks off the field, he passes one of the refs, who is standing there with his jaw open. Silver reaches out and shakes his hand, and keeps on walking.

Too cool!