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The beach, pizza and other things

It’s Sunday afternoon already. Where did the weekend go? Actually, for the most part it went to the beach.

I got home from work Friday evening and went ahead and took care of most of my usual Saturday morning chores. I mowed the lawn, vacuumed the pool and cleaned up the back yard. So Saturday morning, Mrs. Poolman and I packed up and headed to the beach for our first visit of the season. It was a beautiful day and the beach wasn’t overly crowded. Our friends the B’s joined us and we just chilled with books in our laps for a couple of hours. We came home earlier than originally planned because it was too windy to keep our umbrellas up, and it was too hot to just sit and bake.

We all came back to our house and floated in the pool the rest of the afternoon. Writer Princess, Son-in-Law and another friend, Susan, eventually joined us.

We picked up some pizzas from a new place that opened near us in just the last month or so, Papa Murphy’s. This is a different concept in a pizza franchise. They don’t cook the pizzas there. They assemble a pizza to your specs and you cook it at home. The prices are very reasonable, and every pizza we have had from their has been absolutely fantastic. I think they are on to something.

We found out yesterday that the father of a friend of ours died unexpectedly Saturday morning. He was 83 years old, but it came as quite a shock. He hadn’t been ill. His wife found him slumped over on the couch with the TV on and the remote in his hand. Apparently he had a sudden but fatal heart attack. It must have been quite a shock, but as callous as it sounds, that’s not a bad way to go.

His granddaughters are two of Writer Princess’s best friends. The girls have been hanging around Casa Poolman since middle school and are close enough to us to call us “Ma and Pa Poolman.” So today, we picked up WP and made a run to Sam’s Club to stock up on some food to take to them.

The visitation and Rosary are tomorrow evening and the funeral Tuesday morning. The Poolman family will be properly represented at both commemorations.

Let’s order lunch!

We are having a pizza lunch at work tomorrow as a way of saying “thanks” to all the folks who volunteered their free time to help with our open house event a couple of weeks ago.


So this afternoon, I drove to a new chain-pizza place that just opened in a nearby (8 miles away) strip shopping mall. Since we are ordering for lunch, I wanted to get the order in plenty early. I also wanted to be able to look someone in the eye and make sure they…

a.) Got the order right

b.) Actually understood where to deliver it.

The second part can be an issue. We’re not that difficult to find, but we are a little out of the way. Usually directions to our lab can include the phrase “Just keep going until you think you are lost, and then drive a couple more miles. Oh, and be sure not to hit any of the deer that are running around the woods this time of year.”  Huh???

Deer 1-30 crop W

A couple of our local "fawna" 🙂 out for lunch themselves. "Did you say 'Pizza?'"

Sometimes the response is, “Don’t worry about it, I have a GPS.” The next conversation with those people is on their cell phone and usually begins with, “Hello? So where are you guys located? My GPS doesn’t seem to recognize your address.”

The guy I talked to was middle aged and had “management” on his name tag. He also seemed to comprehend my hand-drawn map. I am cautiously optimistic.

When I got back to our office, we got to talking about tips. How much should you tip a delivery guy/gal? In a restaurant, the total of the bill is usually a reflection of how much work went into the service, so a percentage works. But what a pizza delivery? If you use a percentage of the bill, is it fair to tip the guy who delivers only one pizza 90% less than the guy who delivers 10? How much more difficult is it to carry ten boxes to the door than just one?

Please understand, I am thinking of decent minimums, not maximums. I figure I should tip at least $5 for an order of $15 or less (33% if you are thinking of percentages), no matter how much less. Then move the scale up from there. I haven’t seen too many rich folks delivering pizza and wings. I just don’t think that is a place to pinch pennies. If you can’t afford a decent tip, you really can’t afford to have your food prepared and delivered to your door.

What do you think?

By the way, our tab tomorrow is $156 for 11 large pizzas. I’ll add $30 to that for a tip. That should help account for the extra gas he/she burns driving around in circles and getting lost on the way here.