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Paris Day Eight — Montmartre

This is our last day in Paris before heading to Normandy tomorrow. Our good weather ended. Most of the day was cool and drizzly. Fortunately, it never really rained heavy.

We kept the activities low key. We took the Metro (What else?) to Montmartre and just wandered around. Eventually, we had a very nice lunch in a cafe. The waitress made fun of me feable efforts to order in French, but I think she appreciated the effort.

After visiting all the high-brow museums, like the Louvre, we finished out visit to Montmartre with a stop in the Museum of Erotic Art. It was a little different.

We got back rlto the apartment in the late afternoon and spent the time preparing for moving out in the morning.

Dinner was some fresh baguette sandwiches we picked up in Montmartre.

Here are some pics.


Musicans trying to earn a Euro on the Metro


Street scene in Montmartre


Myself and Mrs Poolman at the Basilica of Sacre Couer


Place Tertre


Just a street scene with Sacre Coure in the background


Heading back to the apt on a wet afternoon.


One of the less offensive exhibits from the erotic art museum


Feeling powerless

Oh, my! I don’t think we want to do that again. Mrs. Poolman and I planned a “stock the bar” couples bridal shower for last Saturday evening and it came within a hair of being a disaster. As it was, it was just a nerve wracking fiasco.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we made the mistake of indicating “regrets only” on the printed invitation, and only four people out of 67 invitees called to “regret.” We knew deep in our heart that a fair number of those remaining invitees were not planning to attend, but they either didn’t care enough to call and “regret” or were not properly trained by their mothers in proper social behavior. (A little to snarky? Well, I’m feeling it.)  However, we had no idea how many that would be. When you are planning and buying for a crowd, the difference between, let’s say 30 guests, and 63 guests is significant.

Nonetheless, on Saturday morning, Mrs. P and I got up and started preparing for the 7:30 pm party. I worked mostly outside, while Mrs. P concentrated on the food and inside cleaning. Around 3:30 pm, Mrs. P headed to the grocery store for one last run of supplies, while I finished up a few final details around the house. Then the heavens opened up and dumped around two inches of rain on our house and yard. “No problem” I said to myself. “Better to have it rain now than later in the evening.”

Down comes the rain!

And then the lights went out. Ugh.

A branch had fallen and knocked down a power line down the road. “No problem,” we think. There is plenty of time for them to repair it before the party.  By a 6 pm, prospects were looking dark, in more ways than one. Our daughter, Writer Princes (WP) offered to allow us to move the party to her house, which is about a five-minute drive away. Several members of the groom’s family (for whom we were doing the party) came down to help move coolers of beer, wine, plates of food, etc.

Just as the cars started to pull away, the lights came back on again. We unloaded everything back into the house and five minutes later, the power failed again.  At that point, we decided to just stay where we were and take our chances.

Candlelight isn’t very romantic when it is the only alternative.

The guests began arriving around 7 pm (A half hour early? What is that all about?) and continued straggling in until 8:30 pm. Most of the guests just hung around the back yard and patio. The weather was warm and humid, but at least it didn’t rain again.  The lights finally came back on around 8:45 and we were able to get the couple to open their presents and actually see what they were opening.

Finally the lights (and AC) came back on.

Despite all the angst, I think everyone seemed to have a good time. There was lots of food and lots of beer and wine. We definitely had enough to eat and drink because here is the final tally.

  • Invited – 67
  • Regrets – 4
  • Planned for – 63
  • Actually came – 29
  • No shows/no “regrets” – 34

No. We’re not doing that again.

Why bother?

Friday — I spent most of the day raking leaves in the front yard.

Today — The bags are still awaiting pick up.

Overnight — A little wind and a little rain. The yard looks the same as it did Friday morning.And there is more to come.Oh well.

Rainy Friday

It’s Friday and it’s raining here on Savannah, again. You would think we live in Washington State.

"...the old man is snoring."

"...the old man is snoring."

Lots of people are saying, “Well, we need the rain,” but actually we are way ahead of pacing for annual rainfall right now. If it continues through the weekend, it will give me a good excuse to stay inside and get done a long list of tasks.

My niece’s wedding is coming up in a week. I have been asked to be the official photographer. I have done some family weddings in the past, but I’m a little nervous. This is the first one I will shoot on my digital SLR. This weekend I want to practice a little with my new strobe to make sure I have it “down.” I don’t want any surprises. I also have Photoshop Elements, but I have not taken the time to really get into it and learn all the nuances. I could afford to spend a few hours this weekend in front of the computer playing around and learning the program.

I do have a new flat-screen monitor that I picked up last night. I discovered my older, fairly small-screen CRT monitor (that actually dates back to a previous computer) really doesn’t do well for working with digital photos. The new one is very pretty! Thanks to Poolboy, Princess Writer and SIL for the Fathers Day gift certificates that paid for much of the cost.

I’m checking-in from work on my lunch break, so I gotta go. I am accompanying one of our faculty scientists to a talk at a local retirement home. Should be interesting. We’ll see.


It’s not that tough

When I arrived at work this morning, I found my office was the victim of last night’s rain storm. This is the second time this week, this has happened. CeilingI should have learned, but I thought the problem had been repaired. Fortunately the damage was limited to the area immediately adjacent to one wall, so it wasn’t too bad. Our IT guys are getting tired of drying out my printer and told me to take better care. Good thought!

The source of this problem is the on-going re-roofing project on our building. Until the leak, the only problem associated with this project is the lovely aroma of hot tar that has permeated our building for two weeks. There have been days when the tar-smell hit you in the face and knocked you back a step when you walked through the door. One of our scientists stuck his head in my office the other day and said, “Now I know what a mastodon felt like when he got stuck in the LaBrea tar pits.”

My office is behind the fan, which, fortunately, is blowing away from the wondow.

My office is behind the fan, which, fortunately, is blowing away from the wondow.

Before I started feeling sorry for myself, I thought – I am sitting here in an air conditioned office, doing a job that doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting. Why am I complaining? I could be one of those guys who are up on the roof on a 93 degree day, spreading hot tar. This isn’t so bad.

All of which brings me to my two points:

1. Everything is relative.

2. I think most people are about as happy as they allow themselves to be.

In the grand scheme of things, I am extremely blessed. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that. You can focus on the “what could/should have been,” or you can step back and realize how good you have it.

I don’t want to discount legitimate causes of unhappiness. There things that happen in life that cannot help but adversely affect any normally functioning person – a serious illness, a death in the family, a job loss, a divorce, and so on.

There are lots of folks who don’t need a life-catastrophe, to destroy their karma. They do a pretty good job of it all by themselves. They have a pretty good life by almost any standards, but they are never happy. They walk around with a little black cloud hanging over their head. Sometimes people like that make me crazy. At first, I want to commiserate with them and try to cheer them up. Then I realize – what’s the point? No amount of external influences will improve the disposition of someone who is determined to be unhappy.

Note to self: shut up and stop your whining! To quote Terri, Terri, “Life is good!”