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Great breakfast sandwich

I made breakfast sandwiches for Mrs. Poolman and myself this morning. We call them “Westerns” for a reason I cannot remember. These used to be a favorite late-night snack for my brother and me when we were still living at home in high school and college. I haven’t made them very often since then. I don’t know why.

The "Western Sandwiches" are a little messy.

The “Western Sandwiches” are a little messy.

–Saute some chopped onion and sweet pepper (green, red or both.) Scramble eggs into the veggie mixture.

–Fry some deli-style ham. We used to use “chipped ham,” but that is tough to get outside of Pittsburgh.

–Slather a little mayonaise onto toast and pile on the eggs and ham.

It’s not very healthy, but it is very good. Yum!

Great hot beef sandwiches!

Mrs. Poolman and I tried a new recipe this week that was passed to us by Writer Princess. It originated with her mother-in-law. It is easy; tastes fantastic; and not very expensive. This is a crock pot recipe that takes about five minutes to put together. Then you just let it cook all day and assemble the sandwiches when you get home from work.

Italian Beef Sandwiches

3-4 lbs of chuck roast
1 jar banana peppers
1 can beef broth
1 T. Oregano
1 T. Basil
1 T. Crushed red pepper (less to taste.)

–Spray Crock Pot with Pam
–Place roast in pot and cover with banana peppers (with juice), beef broth and spices
–Cook on high 6 hours or on low all day
–Shred beef, removing fat. (You may want to chill it overnight and skim off congealed fat when it is cool.)
–Serve on lightly toasted hoagie rolls with melted provolone cheese
–Put juices in small bowls for dipping sandwiches

Very yummy!!!