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Palace or prison?

Over the past six months, we have developed a problem with Casey, our chocolate lab. He is no longer trustworthy to be left in the house for any extended period of time.  If you have read the book or seen the movie “Marley and Me” you’ll know our problem. Casey HATES thunderstorms. When we are home, he clings to his “people” and moans and whines. If he is alone in the house with just his fellow pets, he goes a little nutso.

Last spring, Mrs. Poolman and I were in Atlanta for a weekend. Poolboy was house sitting, but a storm came through when he was at work. Casey destroyed one of our couches. Then he got on our bed and ate through the comforter, blanket, sheets and a down mattress pad. Our bedroom looked like the aftermath of one of those TV sitcoms where the characters have a pillow fight, the pillows burst and feathers go everywhere.pillow fightIt looked like someone had thrown an armful of chickens into the ceiling fan.

Our partial solution is a large crate we got from a friend. Crate 1We’ve only had to use it once, when we were out overnight for the homeless ministry last month. Casey does not like his prison cell. However, after the incident last spring, Mrs. Poolman has been in no mood to worry about Casey’s feelings.

While Casey doesn’t like it, his pet cats have decided it’s pretty cool. Crate 2Maybe they could get together on this.