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A little exercise by another name

One inescapable chore during the summer months is mowing the yard. (I won’t grace it by calling it a “lawn.” Just doesn’t fit.)Mow Lawn

Actually, it’s one household chore I really don’t mind all that much. I hate raking and weeding, but mowing isn’t that terrible. I usually try to schedule it for a weeknight after work on a day that Mrs. Poolman isn’t working. She works three 12-hour shifts per week. On the days she works, I am responsible for dinner, walking the dogs, etc. There just isn’t time to mow the yard also.

The systemic walking back and forth while the motor drowns out all other extraneous noise is really rather calming. And it’s also good exercise.

Maybe I should just volunteer to do each of the neighbors’ yards on a rotating basis. I’d get a decent workout and also be the most popular guy on the block. Nah!  Maybe not.