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Lake trip, broken things and alot of clothes

Summer is probably my favorite season of the years. It gets hot here in coastal Georgia, but that just makes the water in our pool that much warmer. Mrs. Poolman is happy.

We have been fairly busy.  Two weekends ago Mrs. P and I drove up to visit my middle sister and her husband at their lake house near Anderson, S.C.  This is their second summer on Lake Hartwell and they are really enjoying it. The house isn’t all that large, but it is very nice and has a great screened porch overlooking the lake. Our daughter, Writer Princess, and son-in-law also drove up. We had a very pleasant weekend of eating, drinking and lounging around.

Ever since we got back, we have been dealing with “things broken.” We have used the internet for our home phone service. When we got back to town from the lake, we discovered the wireless router that handles the phone service as well as our regular WiFi was apparently fried. I think we are going to join the ranks of the Generation X or Y, or whatever it is, and just blow off our traditional home telephone line. We are still working on a way to keep our home telephone number. That is the one people have used to contact us for 20 years. It’s a bold new world out there folks.

Then our washing machine decided to go on strike. The repairman came but had to order a new part. Hopefully it will be running tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have two and a half weeks of laundry piled on the floor of my closet. The sad thing is — I haven’t really been inconvenienced. Mrs. P says, “You have more clothes than God.” (Of course, God is a spirit and doesn’t need clothes, so I guess that is no mean feat.”)

I really don’t do much shopping or buy many clothes. I just don’t throw away or recycle my clothes very often. For example, if you just buy one pack of underwear and a couple of golf shirts each year, by the time ten or 12 years pass by, you have a bunch of underwear and shirts. That’s my story.

Independence Day falls in the middle of the week this year, which is a bit of a bummer. Mrs. P is up for a “party.” We have invited about a dozen people over for an afternoon pool party. Ribs, potato salad, baked beans, etc. Should be fun. The guest list includes our favorite 22-month old twins, Helen and Brittany. Another friend is bringing her two grandsons, roughly five and three. Should be fun, but it definitely won’t be dull.


Weekend at last

I think I’m turning into a wimp in my old age. One busy week kicks my butt. From Tuesday through Friday of this week, I either had evening activities or I was traveling. By Friday evening, I was pooped. I must have slept 11 hours without moving Friday night.

Our “living stations of the cross” went well Friday evening.  Alejandro, the organizer, did a fantastic job with the middle and high school kids who played the roles of Jesus, Mary, the disciples, Romans, etc.  Eight adults were the readers. I was the narrator. Essentially, the script was like a radio play. Each station had narration at the beginning and end, and all dialogue in the middle. While the readers were handling the script, the kids posed in the role of each of the 14 stations. There was a little movement, but not much. Between stations, they dimmed the lights and the kids assumed their positions for the next station. All in all, it went well and was very well received by the roughly 100 people who attended.

When Mrs. Poolman and I finally got up Saturday morning, we took off to shop for a new washing machine. Our old one died. You know you are at least middle age when you can’t remember when you got your current washer or dryer. Mrs. P finally decided the dead washer was originally her mother’s, which put it at least 20 years old. We debated getting it fixed, but decided to just go ahead and buy a new one. I did some initial internet research so we didn’t have to do a lot of shopping around. We had a good idea of brands and prices. We ended up buying the first and only one we looked at. Mrs. P is very excited it is a model without an agitator. I don’t care. I just hope it works. Delivery is Wednesday.

Writer Princess and SIL are moving in with us for a few days. They have some serious mold issues in their condo. The workmen are coming first thing Monday morning to pretty-much rip their condo apart. It should be fun having them here for a few days. Their cats might not think so however. They have two cats that have never been out of their condo except to go to the vet. We are going to use our large dog crate to provide them with a safe haven from our “vicious” dogs and cats, and place it in the unused bedroom. They won’t like it, but I’m sure they will get over it. In either case, it will be better than having pissed off cats pissing all over my new floors. Don’t think so, kitties.