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I need a little recharge time

I guess I’m becoming a fuddy-duddy in my old age. Mrs. Poolman and I have been traveling or otherwise very busy for the past three weeks. Even our weekends have been full of either travel or out-of-town company. I really shouldn’t complain. Except for the event last weekend in Atlanta, which was work-related, these were all voluntary “play” events. We could have said “no.”

The last couple of work weeks have been busy too. Counting tonight, when I will read for a “Living Stations of the Cross” production, I will have been at our church for six of the past ten work-nights.

On top of that, Mrs. P decided now would be a good time to wean me off of artificial sweeteners. Since I practically live on Coke Zero and Pepsi Max, this also means cutting out caffeine. (I have never been a coffee drinker. My morning and mid-day caffeine hits have come from a 12-ounce can.)  So I feel a little like a small child who missed his afternoon nap

Tomorrow is Saturday. Both Mrs. Poolman and I are off. We have our income taxes and yard work on tap for tomorrow.  Then I believe a few people are coming over for dinner Saturday evening.

Sunday is looking like a low-energy day for the kid. Mrs. P is scheduled to work Easter Sunday. (Unfortunately, they can’t just send those preemies home with their parents and tell them to bring them back on Monday.) I’m scheduled to read at 10am Mass and then, of course, I’ll fix a nice Easter dinner for Mrs. P. Otherwise, I may let the rest of the world get along without me. A chair on the patio with a book in my lap sounds very inviting.  It’s time to recharge.




Back to normal

I haven’t posted in a week, but I really haven’t had much to write about. After spending two weeks gallivanting around Europe, everyday life seems very pale by comparison.

Actually, I am really very glad to be back to normal life. I am a home-body at heart. I missed Mrs. Poolman. I even missed our pets.

It seems I spent the first week home just recovering from two weeks of travel and catching up. I really didn’t have any jet lag to speak of. I got a good night’s sleep my first night at home, and that was all it took.

Savannah was at “high spring” when I returned. That means lovely weather and tons of biomass in my yard. This week it was oak seed pods, or “fuzzy-wuzzies” as we call them. Apparently their assigned role in the great scheme of the universe is to clog up the skimmer basket in our pool. They do their job well.

Fuzzy Wuzzies in the skimmer basket.

Mrs. P and I spent both weekend days working around the yard, cleaning the pool, etc. Much of that biomass is now in bags at the curb. There is also some fresh topsoil over one of the sandy patches in the front yard.Saturday evening, we grilled some steaks and rented a movie – “Love and Other Drugs,” with Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal. It was a pretty good movie, with a slightly different slant on the boy-meets-girl. romantic comedy formula. Plus, Anne Hathaway spends about half the movie in the buff, which was just an added benefit from my standpoint. On Sunday, I went to return the DVD to Blockbuster Express, only to find that all THREE of the kiosks closest to our house were out of order. What’s that all about? I sent the company an email, so they wouldn’t charge me for an extra day. Not that $1 is going to break the bank, but it’s the principal of the thing. I should not have to pay a fine for their broken machine. I don’t anticipate a problem. (Late note: All is cool. No late fine.)

We had our last CCD class of the year last Wednesday. In some past years, I really regretted the end of the year, but not this year. We had some really great kids in the class, but the hyper-active attention seekers made it a difficult group as a whole.

A regular work-week is ahead this week. Mrs. P is working next weekend (Easter), so I’ll have the holiday duty. For the foreseeable future, there will be a lot more of that kind of weekend. The hospital where Mrs. P works has eliminated its “weekend program” and has placed all the nurses on an “every third weekend” rotation. Mrs. P isn’t happy about it, and neither am I, but there isn’t much we can do about it.

Looking at a busy week

I’m sitting here by the pool, getting mentally ready for the coming week. It’s going to be a busy one. I’ll have two late nights with our lecture series, my CCD class on Wednesday and an out-of-town trip thrown into the mix. The week ends with our annual big-deal open house, which is my responsibility. By this time next Saturday, I’ll be a zombie.

The Gators dropped their second in a row last night, this one to Les Miles and LSU. The key play was a fake LSU field goal that got them a first down on their game winning drive. It was the same play they used to beat us in 2007. You’d think we would learn. Oh well. Maybe Urban will send those orange jerseys back to storage where they belong.

This is the first weekend we have been home in so long, I don’t remember. I slept late on Saturday, but then spent the rest of the day doing much-needed yard work. Mow, edge, poop patrol, clean pool, etc. I started at 1130 am and ran out of steam around 430 pm.  Sunday was church, lunch with Mrs. P, four loads of laundry, check book, bills, and so on.

Not  a real exciting weekend, but a good kind of quiet that we really needed.

I think my  last load of laundry is ready to be switched over. On to Monday!

A blown Saturday and the “love” of a child

I thought I was doing my good deed of the week, but actually ended up wasting an otherwise perfectly good Saturday afternoon.

I had agreed to attend a city-wide career/life success program for high school students. I would be conducting three 20-minute programs on careers in marine sciences. I don’t normally like giving up Saturday afternoons, but at least it’s February and it’s not like I’d be going to the beach or something equally as summer-like. I got a clue that I was in trouble, when I was directed to the classroom for my programs and I just kept walking, and walking, and walking. For my first session, I had a single 9th grade girl, who was there at the high school to take a test and decided to hang around and see what was going on. For my second program, my audience was a middle-aged math instructor from a South Carolina college who, “was always interested in oceanography.” When no one showed up for the third session, I was about to shut down and pack up when a middle school student showed up with her teacher’s 18-month old little boy. We talked for a few minutes, but mostly we chased the kid around and played with him. In an earlier life, I would have been royally P-O’d and it would have ruined the rest of the weekend. In my old age, I was just annoyed and will chalk it up to a lesson learned.

*    *    *    *

I went out for an exercise-walk this morning. Just a block from the house, I was stopped by a woman in a car and wearing scrubs. She asked for directions to Memorial Medical Center. I initially had two thoughts.

1.) Boy, is she lost. Memorial Med Ctr is miles from here.

2). Why does what-appears-to-be-a-nurse need directions to the hospital.

It turns out she was a home health care nurse and her patient took a fall. The ambulance with her patience passed us while we talked. Fortunately for her, she picked on the righ random pedestrian. I am blessed with virtually no natural talents but one. I have a decent sense of direction, and can both give and take very good directions. I wrote out a very specific set of directions for her, right to the emergency room door. I hope she found it OK and her patient does all right.

*    *    *    *

A couple of our close friends are going through a tough time. His mother had a massive stroke about two weeks ago and has been unconscious on a ventilator ever since. This has prompted conversations in our family about end-of-life issues. Mrs. Poolman was discussing it with Writer Princess over lunch the other day, and expressed the thought that she would never want to be kept alive past her time by extended artificial means. Writer Princess eased her mind. “Don’t worry Mom. I’ll pull your plug.”

That’s good to know. I guess.

A weekend on my hands and knees

Life has been busy at Casa Poolman. Our house is still in total disarray, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We actually slept in our own bed last night, for the first time in about three weeks. First, let’s back up a little.

Our Baptism demonstration did not come off last week in my CCD class. Our family with a newborn baby has agreed to allow his Baptism to be the subject of the program. They will bring the baby, god-parents, etc to the Wednesday night CCD session on January 27. They couldn’t get it together in time for last Wednesday’s class, which is understandable.

Apparently, this project is becoming quite the event. Apparently both our priests greeted the idea with a profound, “Huh!”, but they eventually went along with the idea. I imagine all my fellow teachers will bring their classes to the church that night. Hey, it means the pressure is off them to teach a class that night. Meanwhile, the young child will have roughly 120 honorary god-parents. I told the dad, “Think of all the future baby sitters!”

Since he was already scheduled to be available for the Baptism that didn’t come off, Father M stopped by our class and answered some questions for the kids. He did a good job with some of the questions the students have asked me, but I had postponed until we had one of the priests visit, like…

  • What’s the deal with original sin?
  • What happens to a baby who dies without being baptized?
  • Why don’t priests get married?

I’m looking forward to the “big event” on the 27th. Should be interesting.

*   *   *   *

Work on our house continues. We had a three-day weekend and Mrs. Poolman and I used every minute of it, or at least it felt like it.

Earlier in the week, Mrs. P and daughter, Writer Princess, went to that large home improvement store and bought ten, 16-foot lengths of quarter-round. From what they say, it was quite an adventure to get home with about half the length sticking out the back of Mrs P’s Honda CRV, and Writer Princess laying across the inside end of the pile to keep it all from dropping out onto the roadway.  By Sunday morning, it was stained and finished and ready to be installed. A few hours work, right?  No such luck. A professional crew might have handled it that quickly, but as I have confessed in the past,  professional home improvement workers and I have very little in common. I spent all day Sunday and Monday on my hands and knees (I am so fortunate to still have some old knee pads from volleyball days.) measuring, cutting (measuring again, cutting again) and installing quarter-round. When I ran out of steam Monday evening, I was out of material and about half done.

I did get the bedroom completed, so Mrs. P and I were able to get our bed set up and some of our furniture back in.

The family room still has boxes and bedroom-type furniture stacked to the ceiling, but things are slowly starting to return to normal.

Maybe one more Saturday, and I’ll have the job complete.