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Where did you go, Tom Swift?

We had a lazy weekend, a nice break from some of the hectic work-around-the-house weekends of the past few months.

My sister, M, and BIL, T, drove down for the weekend. We had originally planned a Savannah history weekend that was to include their next door neighbors C and Mc. This all started when we took a trip to Mrs. Poolman’s sister’s mountain house last summer. Mc and I discovered we had very similar history interests and started talking about a trip to Savannah.We were going to visit some museums and historic sites. Unfortunately, the neighbors couldn’t make it this time, so the history agenda was put on hold.   We’ll try it again later in the year.

Meanwhile, the rest of us had an easy weekend of loafing, talking, eating and drinking. Not a bad plan.

M had been cleaning out her attic lately and brought me an unexpected treat, a box of old Tom Swift books. These were books left over from my childhood that somehow ended up at her house. What a flash back! When my brother and I were in the 7-10 year old range, we devoured the entire series of roughly 24 books. We LOVED them. We waited in anticipation for Victor Appleton II to write the next book in the series.

The series was similar in genre to the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden books, and published by the same publisher, Grosset and Dunlap. The main character was Tom, an 18 year old child-prodigy genius inventor. He and his  pal, Bud Barclay, invented something new each book and went off on some adventure. They were  always ran into some bad guys, but came out on top.  It was great stuff for a couple of guys just falling in love with reading for pleasure.

More info here and here.

I need to flip through a few of these to see if they are hopelessly outdated, or if some child we know might enjoy reading them.