A football weekend & movie review

We had such a lazy weekend. It was great.

Mrs. Poolman had a work-related event on Friday. Once a year, they have a reunion of the former baby/patients and families. It’s a big party.  Mrs. Poolman is a regular participant.  She helps the kids make paper flowers or something of the like.

I ran some errands on Saturday morning and then utilized the help of one of my friends with a pickup truck to take an old couch to the dump. Later I made a big pot of chili for our informal football viewing party Saturday evening.

Football thoughts….

TCodyAlabama barely held on to beat Tennessee on a blocked field goal by nose tackle Terrence Cody. This guy is 370 pounds. He is big enough to have his own gravitational field, which I think just sucks the ball to him.

Florida’s offense played poorly, but won again. Tim Tebow threw up two “pick sixes.” (That’s an interception run back for a TD, for you non-football fans.) He hasn’t been quite the same since the concussion in the Kentucky game. I hope he is OK, and especially for this weekend’s game with Georgia in Jacksonville.

We had a few folks over to watch the game. It wasn’t a formal party, just some friends and fellow-fans watching the game together.

percy-harvin-siOn Sunday, the Steelers beat Brett Favre and the Vikings. One Gator favorite-son, Percy Harvin, ran back a kick off for a TD. I hated to see that against the Steelers, but if someone was going to do it, I’m glad it was a Gator.

Sunday evening, Mrs. Poolman and I watched “The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds on DVD. ProposalThis movie had a lot of potential but fell short. I’m sure you probably have heard of the plot. Bullock convinces her secretary, Reynolds, to marry her so she can avoid being deported to Canada. The film has a good cast with Mary Steenbergen and Craig T Nelson playing Reynolds’ Alaska parents and Betty White his grandmother.  It all goes along fine, until the Reynolds character decides he is actually in love with Bullock. The problem is this. The writers failed to give Bullock’s character any redeeming social graces at all. She plays a cold-hearted bitch who even the dog hates. When Reynolds decides he loves her and chases her down, the plot falls off the end of the cliff. It would have been a much better movie if the writers had given Bullock just a little charisma and “likeability.”

Back to work today. It is a short week, due to another furlough day on Friday. The timing works well on a personal level. The Florida-Georgia game is always one of our big parties of the year. Mrs. Poolman’s family will be coming up from Jacksonville for the weekend and we’ll have a bunch of other friends over too. We may have to segregate the viewing areas by teams like they do in the stadium. Ha!

Go Gators!


5 responses to “A football weekend & movie review

  1. Seems like many of us had one of those lazy sort of weekends. Must have been something in the air. I spent most of the afternoon reading yesterday, with one ear tuned in to the Vikings game. (I pretend not to care, but…) I can’t believe they lost that one!

    Wait. Yes I can. This is why I pretend not to care. It’s what I’ve come to expect of the Vikes.

  2. Percy is local to this area and, despite his suspension for a couple of games at the end of his high school career for spitting on people during a football game, I still kind of root for the guy….he is a local. The funny part of this story, is that Percy’s High School alma mater is the same school that Vick spoke at this summer…it all comes full circle. Plaxico Burress is the third local of the local public school sports trilogy…and people wonder why we homeschool.

  3. I remember the stories of Percy when he was coming out of HS. There were some tongues wagging among second guessers at the time. Some thought he had the makings of a thug. I recall he tested positive for some weed before the NFL combine. That’s the worst I can remember about him. For what it is worth, he stayed scandal-free during his UF playing days. He left after 3 years and was much beloved by Gator fans.

  4. Hey Poolman–thanks for reading!

    If UGA wins this weekend, Jax will slide off into the Atlantic.

    GT & ND at 7:30. We are supposed to go to dinner as supper club subs and then do a ghost tour. Got any good ways to get out of that?

    • Swine flu followed by a miraculous recovery. No one who is supper clubbing on Halloween/Fla-Ga Saturdaywill ever suspect.

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