Safe for another year…

Well, we get to live in Georgia for another year and don’t have to move. The Gators beat Georgia 41-17.  We’re safe for awhile.

Georgia wore black pants and black helmets for the first, and probably the last, time in their history.


Uniform gimmick doesn't work.

I’m not a big fan of uniform gimmicks. I thought UGA would have learned. Last year, they pulled out black jerseys for their home game with Alabama and were trounced in an embarrassing fashion, down 31-0 at the half. I suspect those black pants and helmets will be put away somewhere they won’t be found again.

We’ve had a busy weekend. Friday was a furlough day, so I was at home to help Mrs. Poolman prepare for our weekend company and the Saturday afternoon viewing party. We ran errands and then I handled the yard clean up and some of the house, while she focused more on food. It worked well. Patty’s youngest sister and her gang arrived around dinner time. It was nephew’s birthday, so she made chicken parmesan for dinner. It was loved and devoured by everyone. Both our kids made it over. The younger generation stayed up much too late. I hit the bed around 1230 am and things were still going strong. Must live to fight another day.

We had between 40 and 50 people here for a viewing party for the Florida-Georgia game, and fortunately, the Gators did not let us down.

We set up TVs both inside and in the courtyard.

Fla Ga View

We had a ton of food.

Fla Ga Food

Some guests were less interested in the game than the party, especially some of the Georgia fans, so they played bean bag toss and beer pong.

Fla Ga Bean

Bean bag toss

Late night beer pong.

Beer pong

Of course the party for the afternoon game lasted until around midnight.

Our house guests were all gone by around 12 30 pm today. At least one of our cats was not sorry to see them go.

Fla Ga Berta

Berta being anti-social.

She spent most of the past few days under the bedspread on our bed.

Cleaning up today. I think Mrs. Poolman is making crab cakes for dinner. Oooo good!

3 responses to “Safe for another year…

  1. OMIGAWD!!!! GATORS RULE! All that Dancin’, Uniform Change, and Big Dawg Attitude…..Down with them Dawgs!!! WooHoo!!!! Looks like you did have quite a crowd….and I betcha it was a great party/game! Kudos to you and Mrs. Poolman for the great spread!

  2. I’m not much for football but the party sounds like a blast!

    • The football is good, but the party is also fun. We had a number of people who couldn’t have cared less about the game (which I don’t understand), but just came for the party. We keep them away from the serious game viewing locations. Nothing more annoying than a non-fan chatting it up when the fans are trying to watch the game.

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