Rainy Friday

It’s Friday and it’s raining here on Savannah, again. You would think we live in Washington State.

"...the old man is snoring."

"...the old man is snoring."

Lots of people are saying, “Well, we need the rain,” but actually we are way ahead of pacing for annual rainfall right now. If it continues through the weekend, it will give me a good excuse to stay inside and get done a long list of tasks.

My niece’s wedding is coming up in a week. I have been asked to be the official photographer. I have done some family weddings in the past, but I’m a little nervous. This is the first one I will shoot on my digital SLR. This weekend I want to practice a little with my new strobe to make sure I have it “down.” I don’t want any surprises. I also have Photoshop Elements, but I have not taken the time to really get into it and learn all the nuances. I could afford to spend a few hours this weekend in front of the computer playing around and learning the program.

I do have a new flat-screen monitor that I picked up last night. I discovered my older, fairly small-screen CRT monitor (that actually dates back to a previous computer) really doesn’t do well for working with digital photos. The new one is very pretty! Thanks to Poolboy, Princess Writer and SIL for the Fathers Day gift certificates that paid for much of the cost.

I’m checking-in from work on my lunch break, so I gotta go. I am accompanying one of our faculty scientists to a talk at a local retirement home. Should be interesting. We’ll see.


5 responses to “Rainy Friday

  1. OK then… well, as strange as it feels to say this, I hope it keeps raining through the weekend so you can play – I mean- work on the computer!

  2. You are always a ray of sunshine.

  3. ordinarybutinteresting

    Rain???? What’s that???? I have vague memories from the 40+ years I lived in New England, but here in my area of So. Cal.???

    Even a few raindrops are worthy of a blog post!

  4. Replacing CRTs with flat screen monitors are what is responsible for rediscovering desks as actual work spaces again. Congratulations!

    • Add on, I just discovered it has built in speakers, so I am rid of those little desk-top speakers that not only occupy space, but never seem to be able to remain on top of the desk. Yea!

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