Which one is Steve McQueen, and where is the motorcycle?

Recently our two dogs have decided their life is a movie. Unfortunately, it’s not a regular dog movie like Turner and Hootch or Eight Below. No, they have to stretch their thespian talents and star in a regular people-movie – The Great Escape.the-great-escape-poster

We have two dogs. One is an eight year old chocolate lab, Casey, who we adopted from a lab rescue organization when he was roughly two years old. Casey is very sweet, but not the most energetic or intellectual of dogs. Sammy is a year-old female border collie mix (???) who we adopted from the Humane Society last fall. Sammy is bright, energetic and probably the happiest dog in the world.

The POWs

The POWs

They really don’t have a tough life. For the most part they are house dogs. However, when Mrs. Poolman and I are both at work for the entire day (which is only three days a week), their domain is our large back yard. They have plenty of shade and water, and access to the garage through a doggie-door. Not a bad life. It’s not air conditioned, but whatever did dogs do before AC was invented?

Our back yard is divided in half and separated by a waist high chain link fence. They normally stay in the section with the swimming pool. Their favorite escape route is to tunnel under the chain link that divides the yard, into the other section and then under the wooden fence to ultimate freedom.

The Tunnel

The Tunnel

On Saturday, the camp commandant (myself) went to Home Depot and picked up some concrete blocks and 24-inch sections of rebar. On Sunday, I dug a shallow trench on the dog-side of their favorite escape route. I half-buried the blocks and then reinforced them by hammering the rebar into the ground to hold them in place.

The Deterent

The Deterent

On Monday, we get to see how it works.

2 responses to “Which one is Steve McQueen, and where is the motorcycle?

  1. I buried bags of Quikrete to accomplish the same thing…that seems like a lot of work…whew!

  2. You are obviously not providing enough doggy entertainment to keep them at home.

    What a couple of cute dogs!

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